Andy Martin’s “State of the Union” Response focuses on home ownership and homebuilding

Republican Party Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin says neither Barack Obama nor congressional Republicans have a fast-acting plan to get the economy moving. Martin promises to quickly revive the economy by energizing the homebuilding industry and encouraging home ownership. Andy says that until buying/owning a home once again becomes the ultimate investment the economy will not revive.

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin outlines his plan for economic recovery with Part One of his “State of the Union” Response

Martin says that Washington insiders have tried to shift the blame for what was a preventable economic crisis to homeowners, when the facts do not support homeowner liability

Martin says the fastest, cheapest way to revive our economy is to rebuild the homebuilding industry and to renew our national commitment to home ownership.

Today Andy presents Part One of a three-part series of comments on his economic plan to revive the economy.

(PALM BEACH, FL)(January 26, 2011)



Barack Obama gave a tepid State of the Union (“SOTU”) speech Tuesday night. The two Republican responses both missed the point. Overuse of the term “investment” as a subterfuge for more government pump-priming will not restart our economy. “Free markets,” on the other hand, can’t work when government has basically shut down those markets, or when the “free” market has nothing available to sell.

Both parties fail to understand the origins of our economic crisis, and both parties are afraid to propose bold solutions to end the stagnation. We can “Get America moving again,” as President Kennedy once promised. But in order to do so we must deal honestly with what went wrong in our economy and develop honest solutions to our financial problems.

My plan will work because it is simple, basic, logical and easy to implement. I do not propose for the government to “invest” in anything. I propose to allow the American people to invest; they are the only ones who can restart our economic engine.

For seventy-five years it was our national policy to encourage homebuilding and home ownership. Apart from the social aspects of allowing people to own homes, home building was the great economic engine that defied recessions. Since World War II home building has kept our economy aloft, helped avoid recessions and made recessions milder when they occurred.

Yet today neither party mentions homebuilding as the great economic revitalizer that it can be. Why? Because both parties were complicit in creating the conditions for the shameful economic collapse that was totally unnecessary and triggered by bipartisan greed.

Because of Obama’s SOTU coverage, the upcoming release tomorrow (Thursday) of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (“FCIC”) report has been largely ignored (see several links below).

Both Republicans and Democrats have tried to shift the blame for the economic collapse to homeowners, to draw attention from the mindless Wall Street greed that really toppled our economy. Why? Both parties are fed by endless infusions of Wall Street cash. The Republicans on the FCIC didn’t even want to mention the term “Wall Street.” How could you “investigate” a Wall Street collapse without mentioning “Wall Street.” (You can see from these comments that while I am a very loyal, conservative Tea Party Republican, I am not a parrot for the Washington-insider Republican Party cabal which is manipulated by the outstretched hands of political fund raisers.)

Homebuilding has an existing infrastructure in every congressional district. Homebuilding expertise exists literally everywhere. Homebuilding workers are out of work, and ready to work. The homebuilding collapse created the tidal wave that undermined and ultimately devastated our economy. Now it is the only “engine” that can restart our economy.

Some economists say that Americans invest too much in our homes. For decades, our homes were our safest investment. It was not until Wall Street greed torpedoed our economy that our homes became liabilities instead of assets. It was Wall Street shenanigans, not greedy homeowners, that devastated our economy.

The bottom line: both parties have “economic plans” that will not revive our economy and not create instant demand. Only a renewed commitment to home ownership, and a revival of the homebuilding industry, can quickly recharge our economy. As long as both parties play word games with each other, and pretend home ownership was a cause of the crisis instead of being the only potential catalyst for the solution, our economy will remain in the doldrums.

Promoting home ownership is good economic policy, in fact great economic policy. It is also good social policy. Our homes were our best investments for decades. Unless and until we can once again proclaim our homes as our best investments, our economy will not revive and achieve its full potential. Sadly, both parties are ignoring the obvious.

I have confidence in my views and in my recovery proposal because it has already been tested successfully, during 2001. Then, as now, politicians and businessmen were trying to “save” their way out of the post-9/11 recession. General Motors saved America with its bold, counterintuitive “Keep America Rolling” campaign. GM management realized that you could never save your way out of a recession, you can only spend your way to prosperity (see link below). But that spending has to come from the consumer, not the government.

Stimulating consumer spending worked marvelously in 2001; it can work again in 2011 if my economic recovery plan is implemented. And until my plan is implemented, the economy will not recover. You cannot use government spending to build “confidence” in our economy. And we cannot “save” our way to prosperity. Americans have to feel confident they can spend. They need a leader who fosters confidence, not concerns about his personal history.

In Part Two, Thursday, I will outline more of my emergency economic policy that is essential to restart our economy. Finally, Friday, I will surprise you with next part of my financial “solution” to reviving the economy. It’s gutsy. But then we need a leader with guts, not the namby pambies that are currently running for president.

Right now, Obama’s “investments” and my own party’s “free market” rhetoric are doing nothing to revive the economy. The Democrats and Republicans are two ships passing in the night. Some of what both parties say is right on, and some is absolute nonsense. Republicans need a presidential candidate who can tell the difference.

We need bold, decisive, creative economic leadership to restore our national economic power. I can provide that catalyst because I have a lifetime of experience in dealing with economic issues, starting with my part-time work in the First National Bank of Champaign, Illinois while a law student. I have grass roots experience.

If you want the economy to revive, the best way you can prod both parties into action is to endorse my campaign and to contribute to my campaign. Please join us, and please contribute financially if you can.

Andy Martin received his B. S. degree in Economics from the University Of Illinois College of Business. He specialized in survey research and consumer opinion sampling.


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