Obama smears Tea Party Republican to block New Hampshire speech

Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin said Saturday that the attacks on his campaign by an extremist New Hampshire Rabbi will energize Republicans nationally to reject candidates that are unwilling to take a stand on issues of concern to ordinary Americans. Martin said censorship of his campaign was a boon to lifting his national political profile.

“New Hampshire, here we are! The tape is rolling”

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New Hampshire Republicans censor Tea Party presidential candidate

Republican presidential Candidate Andy Martin reacts and responds to the New Hampshire Republican Party’s cancellation of his speech

Sunday morning Martin will announce what would have been the theme of his speech Monday evening in Deering, NH; Martin will deliver the speech at the same time Monday evening at his headquarters in Manchester

(MANCHESTER, NH)(February 19, 2011) Statement #2 by Andy Martin Saturday, February 19:

I received an email Saturday afternoon from a Republican leader telling me the Republican Party had canceled my speech Monday evening based on false reports appearing in a Concord newspaper. I think a lawsuit may be necessary against the Monitor and the rabid rabbi who are behind the smear, to clear my name of their false accusations.

Initially, I would like to make the following response.

I have different feelings as an individual, as a broadcaster and as a Republican. I will discuss each in turn.

First, as an individual, I have lived an exemplary life, fighting corruption and paying a high price for my commitment to government integrity in the cesspools of Illinois and Chicago politics where Barack Obama rose to power. The reports in the Concord newspaper were distorted and misleading. I am the victim of a McCarthyism-style attack by Barack Obama’s New Hampshire agents, led by a lesbian extremist masquerading as a religious leader.

But no one has ever tried to censor me before New Hampshire. Even in Illinois, free speech is respected. The political system and both political parties may be corrupt, but Illinois Republicans generally respected my views. Republican voters wanted to hear my message. (see video clips below). I was treated with civility in two campaigns for the U. S. Senate and one for Illinois governor (video below).

How I became toxic in New Hampshire when I was an active Republican in Illinois will come as a great surprise to many.

As an individual and author, I exposed the infamy of Barack Obama’s false family and secret origins. I have always been entirely accurate in stating that Obama distorted his family tree and has spent millions to conceal his original birth document. I raised the simple question: Why? What was Obama hiding? What is he hiding? Obviously, New Hampshire Republicans are afraid to hear my views. They would rather believe the lies of the liberal media.

And so, as an individual, I am disappointed. But I am disappointed mainly for the many honorable, decent Republicans who were planning to attend and listen to my speech, and whose “right to hear” has now been snuffed out. I have fallen under the jackboot of censorship based on false and malignant accusations but it is New Hampshire primary voters who are the real victims. Or maybe not.

Second, reacting as a broadcaster, I am delighted by this censorship. The controversy will raise the profile of my campaign. Most ordinary Republicans will be outraged to hear that a nationally respected Republican corruption-fighter and Tea Party supporter has been censored on the basis of a thirty year-old lawsuit in which he was the victim of a crime, based on an illegal campaign led by an anti-family lesbian extremist “rabbi” in Concord. My, my, what has happened to the New Hampshire I knew growing up?

As a broadcaster, my ads will still go into production at WMUR-TV on Tuesday morning, and they will start airing on Wednesday. The unfortunate behavior of New Hampshire Republican leaders will not in any way affect my commitment to telling the truth about Barack Obama and literally broadcasting the truth on Channel 9 in Manchester and across the United States.

Finally, as a Republican I am disappointed in my party. Republicans ran a horrible campaign in 2008 and ignored the concerns of the American people about Barack Obama’s clandestine family history. Sadly, John McCain deserved to lose because he ran a lousy campaign. McCain muzzled Sarah Palin when she tried
to take on Obama. Palin at least knew what was on the minds of voters.

Pro-family conservatives across the United States are going to be incensed that New Hampshire Republicans deprived Republican primary voters of free speech after being intimidated by an anti-family lesbian extremist “rabbi” who is acting as an agent of the Obama smear machine. Gutless.

The crypto-fascist attempt to silence my campaign is identical to the way the same people tried to censor Pat Buchanan, who went on to do well in New Hampshire. Both Presidents Bush were also pilloried by the same group of extremists. What is being done to me is un-Republican.

But what is the broader significance of the censorship directed at me? I believe Karl Rove, whose abilities as a political seer are grossly exaggerated, is trying to read “Birthers” out of the Republican Party. If Birthers are “locked out,” as I was locked out by New Hampshire Republicans, then the Republican Party is doomed in 2012.

Republicans may believe they got a mandate in 2010. They got a reprieve. Their mismanagement in the 90’s, and again in the last decade, cost them Congress and the White House. Now Obama’s corruption and mismanagement have cost him his mandate. Today, neither party has a mandate. Both parties are on probation. Voters want integrity and independence, the very qualities my personal history exemplifies.

That’s why I am proud to stand with Tea Party conservatives and Republicans.

America is a bankrupt nation at home and a laughingstock abroad. We didn’t get that way by accident. We got that way because political leaders in both parties milked the system for their greed and aggrandizement, and have now left ordinary Americans high and dry. With a mortgage that will be paid by their grandchildren, as their own standard of living declines and is dictated by foreign creditors.

The fact that the political predators in the anti-Republican, anti-family movement have now succeeded in censoring an independent pro-Tea Party voice of integrity within the Republican Party is a bad sign for Republicans nationally.

As for my campaign, I am going to press on and be a factor in New Hampshire, as well as nationally. The attacks in New Hampshire will elevate my profile, not diminish it. Pat Buchanan showed how to succeed in the face of similar assaults.

My ads will be on the air on Wednesday in Manchester, New Hampshire.

I will hold a news conference Monday afternoon in Manchester, and Monday evening I will deliver the speech that was prepared for the meeting in Deering, at my headquarters in Manchester .

But if the movement to censor me succeeds, Republicans will lose in 2012. It’s that simple.

I invite people to go to my website, look at the videos there, and look at the videos linked below, to judge for themselves whether I have been the victim of a grave injustice by New Hampshire Republicans.


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Andy Martin resides in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he is the state's leading corruption fighter (details: www.AndyMartin.com). He is the Executive Editor and publisher of ContrarianCommentary.com. E-mail: AndyMart20@aol.com. Media contact: (866) 706-2639. Andy is America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analyst. He is a Middle East expert who is Executive Director of the Revolutionary War Research Center. He has spent over 45 years in and out of Asia and the Middle East and during much of 2003 lived in Baghdad. Andy created the anti-Obama movement in 2004 and is the author of the bestselling book "Obama: The Man Behind The Mask." Andy has continued to be a leading critic of President Barack Obama.© Copyright by Andy Martin 2016
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