Presidential candidate calls on New Hampshire Republican Chairman to resign

Republican Presidential Candidate and “King of the Birthers” Andy Martin says New Hampshire Republican Chairman Jack Kimball is rude and an embarrassment to the Tea Party conservatives who elected him. Martin is heading to New Hampshire to seek Kimball’s removal if Kimball does not offer a formal apology and restitution. Martin says Kimball’s behavior is imperiling New Hampshire’s “first primary” status.

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February 20, 2011

Jack Kimball
New Hampshire Republican Party
via fax (603) 225-7498

Dear Mr. Kimball:

Shortly after midnight (A.M.) today I became aware though a story in the Union Leader that you had smeared my candidacy without affording me any opportunity to defend myself and solely on the basis of a one-sided attack leveled at me by a rabid lesbian rabbi from Concord.

With all due respect, Mr. Kimball, you cite Lincoln and Reagan in your statement, but neither of these men would have condemned a candidate without affording him an opportunity to be heard, or acted as you did solely on the basis of a distorted presentation of one side of the facts.

In other words, you, sir, are an incompetent idiot and have no business leading the Republican Party in a state that wants to retain the first primary. Based on your attacks I will warn Republicans nationally that New Hampshire can’t be trusted to maintain a fair and honest presidential primary playing field. Jack Kimball is incompetent.

Monday I will hold a news conference in Manchester and announce (1) that I am asking you to step down and (2) filing a lawsuit to clear my good name against your malicious falsehoods and outright lies. If you want to settle my claims before the lawsuit is filed, please have your attorneys call me. I am always open to settlement offers.

No one who made even a minimal attempt to ascertain the facts, all of which are available in the very documents you distort, would ever lodge the claims against me that you did. You fell for a rabid lesbian rabbi’s tricks and made a national laughingstock of yourself and the Republican Party in New Hampshire.

I have an unblemished public career spanning nearly half a century, see; I have stepped up for civil rights when some Republicans preferred to undermine African-Americans. I never wavered in my support for civil rights. What’s your record? I don’t think you need you to lecture me on Lincoln and civil rights.

You invoke President Reagan for “freedom,” and then impose an iron curtain of silence on a candidate who articulates the concerns of over 100 million Americans about Barack Obama’s legitimacy to serve as president. That’s real smart on your part. And you are so clumsy and incompetent you were manipulated by a woman whose life and political views are a disgrace to the rabbinate and an anathema to Republican values and voters. So who is advising you to make a fool out of yourself? Who is telling you what to do?

You made no attempt to contact me. Instead, you smeared me and didn’t even send me a copy of your statement. I had to learn of it hours later. Is that what you consider “fair and balanced” behavior? I consider your conduct unfair and unbalanced.

You lack the management skills and integrity to supervise what is going to be a contentious primary season with perhaps as many as a dozen candidates. Before you become more controversial and make an even bigger fool of yourself, I respectfully suggest you resign and save yourself any more embarrassment. Maybe Barack Obama can put you on his payroll; why don’t you call the good rabbi for a job reference. Perhaps she can use you as a lobbyist for gay rights in Concord. That’s her thing.

The event at which I was to speak was listed on your state party web site for over a month. I did not sneak into the State of New Hampshire. I prominently announced my arrival for weeks. If you didn’t want me to speak, you could have called me politely and quietly said “Don’t come.” Instead you chose to smear with me a public statement littered with lies orchestrated by the crackpot wing of the Democratic Party. What’s wrong with you?

I have been on national television. Barack Obama attacked me with the identical claims on Hannity and Colmes over two years ago. We know where the smears come from. The accusations you are leveling against me are thirty years old and were first aired on national television (CBS) eighteen years ago. Don’t you have any more recent smears to use against me than 30 year-old lies?

The reason Obama attacks me is because he fears my writing and my political activity. Republicans can’t win without the Birthers in 2012. You are trying to read over a hundred million potential voters out of the party. And you made a Democratic Party stooge out of yourself without even realizing it.

Your claims that I have ever engaged in “hate” or that I hold “virulent” views are utterly false and defamatory. You base your accusations on a 30 year-old lawsuit. Lawsuits are contentious activities; that is why the claims made in lawsuits are absolutely privileged. A thirty years old case? Come on.

That’s why I believe any fair-minded New Hampshire Republican would think your conduct is despicable. Decades ago I was the victim of a crime. As the victim of a crime I sought to defend myself, my home and my family. You have a problem with that? Well-known civil liberties attorneys came to my defense. If you had bothered to pick up the phone and afforded me the courtesy of a conversation you might have received the truth and the facts, instead of sucking up the rubbish that was dropped on your doorstep by the rabid lesbian rabbi from Concord.

But obviously you don’t have the manners and common decency to treat someone the way you would like to be treated and the way you promised to treat Republicans in your own campaign for the chairmanship.

In the wake of your malignant attacks on my candidacy I have been overwhelmed with feedback from New Hampshire Republicans who are disgusted with your behavior and embarrassed by the way you treated me. Call some of your supporters and see what they tell you about how you handled the matter.

You are a prime example of what is sick and what is wrong with the Republican Party. You are an embarrassment to the Tea Party and to conservatives. You ran for chairman on the platform of an “open party” and in your first decision you surrendered to the forces of evil and darkness.

If Barack Obama is reelected next year, Republicans can thank you for starting his ball rolling.

Sir, resign and apologize, or I will see you in court.

Respectfully submitted,



About Andy Martin

Although Andy resides in Manchester, New Hampshire today, where he is the state's leading corruption fighter (details: he has spent decades fighting corruption in Chicago and nationally. He is the Executive Editor and publisher of E-mail: Media contact: (347) 960-9593. Andy is one of America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analyst.s He is a Middle East expert who is Executive Director of the Revolutionary War Research Center. He has spent over 50 years in and out of Asia and the Middle East and during much of 2003 lived in Baghdad. Andy created the anti-Obama movement in 2004 and is the author of the bestselling book "Obama: The Man Behind The Mask." © Copyright by Andy Martin 2019
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