Andy Martin responds to New Hampshire Republican Chairman

Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin exposes New Hampshire GOP Chairman Jack Kimball and his leadership “team” as a bunch of incompetents who succumbed to pressure from Obama supporters to censor Martin’s speech. Martin is preparing to file suit.

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February 24, 2011

Jack Kimball
New Hampshire Republican Party
via fax (603) 225-7498

Dear Mr. Kimball:

Later this evening (7:30 – 8:00 P.M.) WMUR-TV will broadcast the first TV ad of the 2012 presidential campaign. My ad will run sometime within “New Hampshire Chronicle.” People can watch my commercial on WMUR-TV and decide who is right, me with my ad or you with your censorship and intimidation.

The ad has received universal acclamation for taking a controversial and emotional topic and discussing the issues clearly in a 30-second spot.

There is a serious problem with the ad. Your “adviser” Jennifer Horn went on the radio this morning and said the contents of my commercial should be banned by New Hampshire Republicans because Barack Obama “does not approve” of the contents of my ad. The deeper you get into the mess you are creating, the more you undermine New Hampshire’s First Primary.

Warnings don’t seem to matter to you. But as a careful lawyer I am laying down a devastating paper trail of the opportunities you were given to stop destroying the New Hampshire Republican Party with your maliciousness and incompetence.

Ms. Horn made a number of false accusations and I can’t waste my time to answer all of them. But a series of short replies is appropriate to defend my good name.

1. Ms Horn’s status

Ms. Horn admitted she was involved in the decision to censor me. She lied about her role as your representative. Up to this morning she was actively involved in a statewide witch hunt to find the Republican leaders who are preparing to become “Blockade Busters” by violating your ban on my speaking to New Hampshire Republicans. You were feeding Ms. Horn her material, and your muck is coming straight out of Christine Baratta’s office. We have supporters everywhere, maybe even in your own office. That’s what I do for a living.

Ms. Horn attacked me for referring to a “lesbian.” She said the word lesbian was banned from usage by NH Republicans. I take an expansive view of the right to privacy. I don’t go around exposing “lesbians” or homosexuals and I count many of them as fellow parishioners and neighbors. People are entitled to their private lives.

But when someone comes into the public arena and says she is a lesbian, and says she wants to marry another woman and wants New Hampshire law to condone her activity, then she has made a public issue of her private status. Ironically, under your and Jennifer Horn’s censorship, the lesbian rabbi can go to the legislature and say she is a lesbian in public, but I can’t comment on her disclosure. Is that crazy? Or what? Today on the radio you endorsed free speech for lesbians but not Republicans. Huh? And you wonder why I have contempt for your intelligence.

2. The lawsuit

As much as I would like to avoid filing a lawsuit, I am going to sue you, Jennifer Horn and possibly Christine Baratta. No one else is at risk of litigation. This NHGOP public relations fiasco is solely your responsibility. Others may have been involved but I choose to focus on the leadership, not the others who may have been sucked into your scheme (see below).

3. Illinois courts

As a young law student I was asked by some friendly reporters at the Chicago Daily News to help them decipher a major scandal on the Illinois Supreme Court. As a result of the investigation and the news stories, two judges were eventually forced to resign from the court. Before I even picked up my diploma I was warned the remaining judges were going to retaliate against me, and they did. They launched a three-year investigation of my sex life, my sources for writing, and every aspect of my life. It was one of the most despicable incidents in the history of the common law. And they crucified me for having helped to remove crooked judges. That’s the way Illinois courts operate, the “Chicago Way.” Why don’t you tell people the truth about my integrity and character, instead of spreading lies which were concocted by crooked Illinois judges? Or do you want to defend Illinois justice too?

4. The “lawsuits”

Jennifer Horn smeared me for filing “hundreds of frivolous lawsuits.” That’s an outright lie. Does she know that not one (well maybe one, I don’t remember) of my lawsuits has ever been sanctioned as frivolous? I defy you to produce any cases where judges imposed a monetary sanction for frivolousness. There are none.

Why is Horn attacking me for filing lawsuits against the Chicago Democratic Machine to expose corruption? Why are you attacking me for filing lawsuits that helped send Mafia (Chicago Crime Syndicate) hoodlums and crooked state court judges to jail? Why?

I have indeed filed hundreds of public interest lawsuits and I am proud of every one of them. You should be ashamed of yourself for lying.

5. The Connecticut judge

At the end of the day, Jennifer Horn’s attacks on me begin and end with the ranting of Judge Jose Cabranes. In New York he was known as “Cocaine Cabranes.” Cabranes was also notorious for being an adulterer, and he probably gave a cocaine overdose to one of his lovers and killed her. I can take a lie detector case if you like. It’s all available evidence that we uncovered. Yes, Cocaine Cabranes buried the evidence. That’s the way the courts work.

Cocaine Cabranes was using his personal divorce lawyer in a case where I was a defendant. That’s a public record, not an opinion. You can check the court file to confirm that factual claim. I exposed Cabranes’ conflict and he went berserk. He retaliated by trying to exterminate my constitutional rights. How’s that for federal court justice? The judge’s personal lawyer is on the other side of your case? Are you defending Cocaine Cabranes? Sounds like it.

I was the victim of a crime, and I did what any American citizen would do: I fought back and exposed the corruption. And no, judges don’t like to be exposed as crooks. When you fight and expose corruption, you make enemies, not friends

Cocaine Cabranes tried to arrest my lawyers so they couldn’t go to court. Would you like someone to testify to that?

Would you like more facts, or do you have enough facts to determine that you made a jerk out of Jennifer Horn when you sent her on the radio with bogus facts originally concocted by a cocaine addicted federal judge?

When I opposed Cocaine’s Cabranes promotion to the U. S. Supreme Court, guess what? The FBI apparently agreed with me. Two federal judges (Cabranes and Jon O. Newman) paid with their judicial careers for their corruption in my cases.

Are the facts banned by the New Hampshire Republican Party? Or do you just prefer to dream up your own lies? I have seen your smear dossier against me. You are handing out copies of a front-page article in the New York Times. Now why do you suppose the New York Times attacked me on page one three weeks before the presidential election? Because I was unimportant? Well, what?

6. Why you are destroying the Republican Party?

This Saturday, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is holding an event. The event is on your state party website:

Governor Johnson supports legalizing marijuana. Do you support legalizing marijuana? Does your posting Johnson’s event endorse legalizing marijuana? If you apply the same standard to every presidential candidate you are applying me, every presidential candidate can be censored on some ground or other. In my case, you are using 30 year-old lies to smear me. Governor Johnson supports marijuana legalization now, not thirty years ago. Why aren’t you banning his speech? Or is it ok for people who support marijuana to be on your state party website but not me?

Indiana Governor Daniels was arrested for drug use. Ban him too?

The Republican Party is the party of family values.

But Newt Gingrich is being welcomed in New Hampshire despite the fact he is a serial adulterer. He served divorce papers on his first wife in the hospital while she was recovering from cancer, and cheated on his second wife with his third wife. Many people find that behavior abhorrent. Should we ban Gingrich too? Or is cheating on your wives just an indoor sport? Some people would think adultery is a lot more serous offense than a few misplaced words in my thirty year-old lawsuit:

So what about family values? Do you ban candidates that contradict family values with serial adultery?

Gingrich is now running a scam in which he solicits money from small contributors to subsidize his lavish personal and political lifestyle. I will break more news on this in the days ahead. In the 1990’s Gingrich was censured by Congress for a similar scam, so he is a slow learner. Ban him? Should we ban Newt because he is a scam artist or adulterer or both?

Michelle Bachmann is coming to New Hampshire. Ban her? Michelle says she is a lawyer, which means she should know better. But while serving in Congress she makes factually incorrect statements all the time. Recently she said Obama was spending $200 million to go to India. That was a whopper. Ban her for being a sloppy speaker?

Where does your censorship end? And where does it begin? How is New Hampshire going to conduct a fair and impartial election when every one of the candidates has something in his or her past that you could gin up as a pretext to ban them? Or is Kimballspeech like Obamacare? Jack grants waivers to his friends and only enforces “Jack’s laws” on the people he doesn’t want? Isn’t that what your opponents were saying about you last month? They were right.

If anyone is killing the New Hampshire primary it is “Pope Kimball” who is telling people what they can say, and banning them if they displease his Excellency Kimball the First. As a result of your blundering, over the last week New Hampshire Republicans have spent more time fighting my presidential campaign because of a controversy created by a lesbian rabbi who is also a rabid supporter of Barack Obama, than they have fighting Democrats. Your priorities are warped.

7. Barack Obama loves ya baby! You’re a RINO

There will be a celebration in the White House tonight. Your “friend” Jennifer Horn went on the radio today and stated on the record that anyone who questions Obama’s origins is banned from speaking to New Hampshire Republicans. Yes, she said it. That was one of her denunciations of me. Quoting from my notes, Horn said that I should be censored because the “Obama administration” disapproved of my speech. Did you realize what a national laughingstock you are becoming? Do you know much you are aiding Obama’s reelection? Without realizing it, you, Christine Baratta and Jennifer Horn have become the three biggest RINO’s in the United States—and it will all there on a podcast later tonight to be listened to and downloaded (

8. Stop abusing New Hampshire Republicans

Last Friday February 18th I got a call from the Contoocook Republican Chairman. JP Marzullo said he had gotten a call from a rabbi who said she was going to picket me. JP said he told her that was fine as long as the rabbi and her party did not try to enter the meeting itself. I issued a statement welcoming the demonstrators. If you had kept you big mouth shut, the matter would have quickly passed.

But you have kept trying to demonize JP Marzullo by putting words in his mouth. When I first spoke with Marzullo in January I told him I was controversial. Guess what? The “smear” you are now passing out, an article from the New York Times, is one of the first things I told JP about. I had nothing to hide; I have nothing to hide. My life is an open book. Yours, not so much.

You put words in Marzullo’s mouth and told him he had to denounce me after I had told him everything up front last month, and he told me in our last phone Friday evening call that we were going forward. In fact, the NH GOP statements in Saturday’s paper (the 19th) took the proper position that local speakers should be decided by local groups, not by Pope Kimball. You were not involved.

Some time on Saturday you were pressured to change your position. Who pressured you? The truth is going to come out and, when it does, the truth is going to be an even bigger scandal.

9. What is wrong with you Jack?

I have detailed above some of the reasons why you are professionally incompetent to be a political leader, and why you have assembled a “leadership team” that is equally incompetent (Jennifer Horn, Christine Baratta). In fact, the same prescient accusations were made against you by your opponents at the state convention. I am sure that when I first suggested you resign, you laughed. But your misconduct is not a joke any more. You are demonizing the NH Republican party and giving ammunition to the Democrats. Is that the right way to defuse New Hampshire’s challengers in the First Primary sweepstakes?

I’m not going anywhere, except back to New Hampshire to campaign. I am going to be in New Hampshire fighting for the people of New Hampshire whether the primary is first or last. I can’t leave. My grandparents are buried in Manchester. My mother was born in Manchester. I spent summers at Hampton.

I am New Hampshire. You’re not. You may live up there but you lack the New Hampshire values of free speech, tolerance, patience and independence.

What are you going to do when the “Blockade Busters” start defying your gag order and allow me to speak at Republican meetings? Attack them too? Are you going to smear your own (former) supporters? How many New Hampshire Republicans are you going to threaten to silence me? You have the stench of a Mubarak about you.

So, I repeat what I said, resign and I will drop my lawsuit and I will try to work out a settlement with your successor.

If you have a lawyer, and you need one, have counsel contact me.

Sincerely yours,



© Copyright Andy Martin 2011 All Rights Reserved


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Andy Martin resides in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he is the state's leading corruption fighter (details: He is the Executive Editor and publisher of E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639. Andy is America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analyst. He is a Middle East expert who is Executive Director of the Revolutionary War Research Center. He has spent over 45 years in and out of Asia and the Middle East and during much of 2003 lived in Baghdad. Andy created the anti-Obama movement in 2004 and is the author of the bestselling book "Obama: The Man Behind The Mask." Andy has continued to be a leading critic of President Barack Obama.© Copyright by Andy Martin 2019
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