Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin condemns Miami Herald race-baiting

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin told a Washington, DC news conference Saturday that the Miami Herald acted irresponsibly in allowing Leonard Pitts to publish a column demanding that loyal Americans use racial epithets.

Andy Martin says Leonard Pitts is a “racist storm trooper” for Barack Obama

The man the left calls the “King of the Birthers” says mainstream media have been frenzied since Donald Trump effectively joined the Birther movement

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin closed the Third National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate with an attack on the Miami Herald for publishing a race-baiting column by Leonard Pitts

Martin says that Leonard Pitts is nothing more than a racist storm trooper for Barack Obama

Martin says leftist media are increasingly in a frenzy since liberal “Birther” polls show over 100 million Americans are concerned about where and how Obama was born

(NEW YORK)(April 3, 2011) Corruption-fighting Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin told a Washington, DC news conference Saturday that the Miami Herald acted irresponsibly in allowing Leonard Pitts to publish a column goading loyal Americans into using racial epithets.

“Affirmative action has to have some limits,” Martin says. “Allowing Pitts to foment race war from his protected perch at the Herald goes too far. Allowing so-called ‘minority journalists’ to engage in conduct that would get a white columnist fired is disrespectful. It is shameful behavior.

“I think that the media have done a good job trying to extirpate the use of racial epithets. Certainly the so-called ‘N-word’ has vanished from responsible media and normal conversation. Today most of us only hear the N-word used by minorities in urban areas. Why is Leonard Pitts trying to get loyal Americans to use racial epithets? The man has lost his mind.

“No one is against Barack Obama because of his half-race. After all, he’s half white. I rarely encounter anyone who even mentions Obama’s race. Instead, they are focused on his incompetence and feckless leadership (of which I will have a column condemning Obama on Monday). And, yes, because of Obama’s own evasive behavior, people have sincere doubts about where he was born.

“Why can’t African-Americans stop playing the race card and start realizing Barack is a loser? Obama is an American loser. After all, it was overwhelmingly white American voters who put this guy in the White House. He didn’t get there by accident. People voted for him. And many people who voted for Obama now regret that vote. Big Time.

“Obama skillfully exploits race as a defense to his own incompetence. This Wednesday Obama is coming to New York to honor a race-baiter: Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton? Honored by the president of the United States? Race-baiting Al Sharpton? What does Leonard Pitts have to say about that? More demands for use of the ‘N-word?’ Who’s really playing the race card here? African-American pols or honest white voters that only want the facts about Obama’s origins?

“Is Chris Matthews of MSNBC a racist? I don’t think so. But he has demanded Obama release the birth certificate. There is a long list of people on both the left and right who want to move on from the issue of Obama’s birth certificate. But the American people want answers, not excuses. Republican Party leadership is out of step with the rank-and-file on the Birther question.

“Over one hundred million Americans demand that Obama authorize release of the original, typewritten 1961 document, not the ersatz ‘certificate of live birth’ that he printed out by computer in 2008 (see poll link below in HuffPo). Is that too much to ask of the president of the United States?

“Donald Trump has now effectively joined the Birther movement. The Huffington Post calls me the ‘King of the Birthers’ (see link below) but I am ready to share my bogus royalty with Donald. Trump and I want to see the original document. We want the facts and we want the truth. And we are not going to drop the issue unless and until we get the facts and the truth. That’s a fact. So Obama can run, but ultimately he can’t hide from who he is. Or who he isn’t.

“The Obamas have been playing rope-a-dope with his family origins for several years. Michelle Obama has said Obama’s ‘home’ is in Kenya (see link below). They feed the frenzy over Obama’s uncertain provenance. And after adding fuel to the fire, they turn around and accuse confused Americans of being ‘racist.’

“I happen to be one of the Birthers who believes that Obama was born in Hawai’i. I still want to see the original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate. As an author and scholar I have that right. The missing document is a legitimate presidential archive.

“Other ‘Birthers’ believe Obama was born in Kenya. Some believe his birthplace is Seattle. But wherever Obama was born, he is a disgrace to the United States and to every American. Those who voted for him, and those who didn’t.

“Obama has been playing the ‘birth certificate game’ for several years. He thinks the issue is a joke. But it is not a joke when serious questions exist and gaps have not been answered. Obama’s persistent refusal to authorize release of the original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate is poisoning our politics. Ultimately, Obama could fall victim to his own too-clever-by-half tactics. Obama could defeat himself for reelection.

“Republicans don’t really have a competent opponent (except me) to challenge Obama. As the guy who literally ‘wrote the book’ on Obama I know his ‘game.’ I have spent 45t years fighting corruption in Chicago and Illinois. But if the current situation keeps up, and if Pitts keeps playing the race card and using the N-word, Obama will defeat himself irrespective of whom the Republicans nominate. Republicans could win in 2012 by default, the same way they won in 2010 by default.

“Racial profiteers such as Leonard Pitts are acting as Obama ‘fronts’ in seeking to trigger a race war over Obama’s potential ineligibility to serve as president. Their tactics could trigger a backlash.

“Obama quietly encourages his racist storm troopers such as Leonard Pitts. Has there ever been a more persistent racist agitator than Al Sharpton? But there is Obama, coming this Wednesday to be at Sharpton’s side. And Leonard Pitts thinks Birthers should be using the ‘N-word?’” For shame.

“The Herald should have some limits, even in its opinion columns. Encouraging racism the way Pitts does goes too far. Especially when racism is being used as a defense (or is it offense?) for Obama’s missing birth certificate.”

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