PALM BEACH NEWS CONF Presidential candidate Andy Martin backs Donald Trump on Hawai’i birth certificate

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a Palm Beach news conference Monday to respond to the weekend brouhaha on CNN and MSNBC over Barack Obama’s missing birth certificate. Martin backs Donald Trump’s efforts to see the original document.

Obama author/ expert Andy Martin says Donald Trump is on the right track in demanding access to Barack Obama’s original 1961, typewritten birth certificate

Martin calls CNN’s Candy Crowley and NBC’s Michael Isikoff “bogus journalists” where Obama is involved

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a Palm Beach news conference Monday, April 11th support presidential aspirant Donald Trump’s efforts to see Barack Obama’s original 1961 Hawai’i birth certificate

Martin says the document CNN’s Candy Crowley presented on Sunday raises questions, doesn’t answer them

Martin says Trump is on the right track in sticking to Hawai’i demands

Martin says CNN’s latest claims on Kenya also raise new doubts

Martin says he and Trump are on the “Truth Team”

(NEW YORK)(April 11, 2011) Corruption-fighting Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a Palm Beach news conference Monday, April 11th at 3:00 P.M. to document why CNN’s Candy Crowley and NBC’s Michael Isikoff are “bogus journalists” where issues of President Barack Obama’s birth are involved. Martin supports impresario Donald Trump’s efforts to see Obama’s original birth certificate.

“The bogus journalists at CNN and NBC are trying to overwhelm Donald Trump with Barack Obama’s lies,” Martin will charge. “Mr. Trump is the celebrity so he gets a lot of the attention on the Obama birth certificate issue. But I am the author, expert and legal scholar on the Obama birth certificate coverup and conspiracy. I am deeply appreciative to Donald Trump for bringing massive attention to an issue I pioneered. Thanks neighbor.

“It is perhaps anomalous that as a formally announced Republican Party presidential candidate I would be supporting efforts of a potential opponent; but on the question of the Hawai’i cover-up and conspiracy involving Obama’s birth records Trump and I are on the same page. I will do anything I can to help Mr. Trump, and I hope he will consider endorsing and assisting my efforts.

“Let’s look at all of the lies and propaganda that surfaced on the Sunday news programs, and reactions to those programs. First, CNN and Candy Crowley.

“Ms. Crowley said Obama’s missing Hawai’i birth certificate issue had been ‘widely debunked.’ That is simply a lie. Rather, the mainstream media, and CNN, have sought to envelop the missing birth certificate matter in a cocoon of misrepresentations and disinformation.

“Let’s look at what Crowley put up on the screen Sunday morning. She put up the ‘certificate of live birth,’ clearly stamped June 6, 2007. She also put up the reverse side. The back. What does the back say? It says ‘Abstract of the record on file.’ You don’t need a law degree to realize that an ‘abstract’ of a document is not a copy of the original. Moreover when the ‘abstract’ references a ‘record’ that indicates there is a separate, original record on file. So why is Crowley trying to pretend that the COLB is the original document? Lies and more lies. CNN presented the same lies in 2008 when they tried to smear me (see Andy Martin YouTube channel, link below, for the original CNN lies.)

“No court in the United States would allow the introduction into evidence of an ‘abstract’ of an original document, when the original document is itself available. Likewise no author, scholar or researcher could present an ‘abstract’ of a ‘record’ as the original record. By the very nature of the term an ‘abstract’ is an abbreviation, not the complete document. So CNN and Crowley are throwing lies in the audience’s face. The abstract is not the document; it is not even a copy of the original. It is an abbreviation of the original.

“I have never been a proponent of the ‘Kenya birth’ theory. Rather, my efforts have focused on seeking release of the State of Hawai’i materials. But this much I know from listening to Crowley on Sunday. The Kenyan situation is getting increasingly stinky. Crowley says the tape she played from 2008 is ‘sometimes confusing.’ Well, isn’t it the job of a news organization to find the truth and eliminate the confusion? Why play something ‘confusing’ and just leave the confusion hanging out there? They’ve had three years to eliminate the confusion.

“What is not confusing is the bald-faced lies attributed to Obama’s bogus’ ‘grandmother.’ The initial question (go to the tape at CNN) asks ‘Were you present when Obama was born?’ The straightforward response is an unequivocal ‘yes!’ No doubt or ‘confusion’ about that answer. But the bogus grandmother has never left Kenya. That’s an objective fact. So how does CNN harmonize the fact that someone who admittedly has never left Kenya was ‘present’ at the president’s birth? It’s just left hanging.

“Instead of proving answers, CNN propagates more questions. Is this ‘journalism?’ Or is this Obama disinformation management?

“Crowley passed quickly over the so-called birth mentions in local Honolulu newspapers. Both announcements identify the street address as that of Obama’s grandparents, even though Obama’s father had his own home closer to the UH campus. Why would someone give an incorrect address on a birth record? CNN ‘journalists’ ignore the inconsistency.

“Now we turn to the latest round of lies from Mike Isikoff at NBC.

“What’s interesting, first, is the way Obama’s political saboteur and birth certificate mouthpiece, Chiyome Fukino, appears only to NBC News. Isikoff calls his phone call with Chiyome Fukino a ‘rare telephone interview.’ Why is she only available to NBC?

“The last weekend before the 2008 election, when my efforts to defeat Obama were reaching a crescendo, Fukino appeared out of nowhere to vouch for Obama’s birth. At that time she only appeared for the Associated Press.

“Fukino calls Birther doubts ‘ludicrous.’ What is ludicrous is Fukino’s own professional behavior. If the birth certificate is legally secret, why is she talking about it to NBC News? Fukino confirms (see MSNBC link below) what she confirmed in 2009 (see Honolulu Advertiser link below), namely that there is an original Obama birth certificate. This time she goes even further, and specifically identifies the nature of the document. Fukino says Obama’s birth certificate ‘is located in a bound volume in a file cabinet on the first floor of the state Department of Health.’ Could she be any more specific that my original claim in 2008 was 100% true?

“Fukino says she has personally viewed the original twice. This time she goes further and identifies the nature of the document, again confirming my consistent allegations since 2008. Fukino says the original is ‘half typed, half handwritten, properly numbered’ and ‘signed by the doctor who delivered Obama.’ Presto. I have been seeking access since 2008 to a document which I alleged exists and which Fukino now admits exists and describes in some detail. Likewise, when Donald Trump asks for the original document, he now knows he’s on 100% solid ground.

“But why was Fukino talking to Isikoff about a ‘secret’ document? NBC News and Isikoff are being used as Obama mouthpieces.

“Maybe in disseminating disinformation through Isikoff, Obama’s maneuver backfired. Fukino’s newly-specific description of the document is going to fuel the frenzy for access. We now know exactly what the original looks like, how it was produced (handwritten and typed) and where it is located.

“Isikoff adds that a ‘former campaign official’ saw Obama become ‘testy’ when he was asked to authorize release of even the ‘Abstract’ of his birth. Why would someone become ‘testy’ about releasing a basic document? Why indeed.

“Isikoff goes on to quote Joshua Wisch, whom he identifies as an employee of the Hawai’i Attorney General. Wisch says that Hawai’i law blocks even Obama from authorizing release of his records. That’s complete nonsense. There are loads of original Hawai’i long-form birth certificates floating around. Nothing illegal. Hawai’i has some of the most liberal freedom-of-information laws of any state.

“Why is the Attorney General speaking privately to NBC and not to the media generally, or to the Hawai’i court system? In three years of litigation I have never heard this nonsense presented in open court by the Attorney General. Obama is getting increasingly desperate when he uses Hawai’i Democrats to claim even he can’t authorize access to his own document. Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous? It’s a coverup conspiracy by Hawai’i Democrats to protect Obama’s ‘nativity narrative.’

“The birth certificate of a president of the United States becomes a federal document. Hawai’i law is not the last word. Moreover Hawai’i law does not bar the release of records of the president. No one is seeking access to the files of a private individual. We are seeking access to the records of the president of the United States,” Martin states. “Why are Fukino and Wisch speaking privately to Obama’s personal news networks, CNN and NBC, instead of appearing before a news conference for an open discussion of the issues?

“Obama is once again trying to bamboozle and defraud the American people. Fortunately for the American people, neither I nor Trump will accept Obama’s lies as a substitute for the truth.

“Back to you, Donald. We are on the right track together. Hey, this could be a ‘guy’ movie, ‘On the Road to the Truth About Obama?’ Which one of us will get top billing?”

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Martin will have more to say about the Obama birth certificate conspiracy and coverup.

Please go to Andy’s new YouTube channel (link below) for additional Andy Martin video from 2008 to the present.




Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin defends Donald Trump’s efforts to force the release of Barack Obama’s original birth certificate


Sidewalk, in front of 95 N. County Road, Palm Beach, Florida (U. S. Post Office)


Monday, April 11, 2011, 3:00 P.M.


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