FOREST HILLS NEWS CONFERENCE Andy Martin pickets Congressman Anthony Weiner’s residence Wednesday evening

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Forest Hills, New York news conference today, June 8th to renew his demand that Congressman Anthony Weiner resign. Martin will leave a “This congressman is condemned” envelope at Weiner’s residence.

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin’s opens “fighting camp” in Kew Gardens to remove Congressman Anthony Weiner from office

Martin will place a “This congressman is condemned” envelope” at Weiner’s residence in Forest Hills this evening

Martin has led investigators through all of the permutations of Weiner’s sex scandal

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a Forest Hills, New York news conference today, Wednesday, June 8th as he demands Rep. Anthony Weiner resign

Martin will leave a “This congressman is condemned” envelope at Weiner’s residence

Martin says the publication of Weiner’s “penis picture” is the last nail in Weiner’s political coffin

(FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK)(June 8, 2011) Friday, June 3rd, Corruption-fighting Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin called for the resignation of Congressman Anthony Weiner. Martin was the first to do so.

Based on new information he had received, Saturday, June 4th Martin cut short a campaign swing in Florida and flew to New York to personally supervise a sex investigation of the liberal lothario. Martin was the first to launch removal efforts in Weiner’s congressional district.

Martin was the first to focus attention on pornstar Ginger Lee.

Martin was the first to focus attention on the potential criminal charges Weiner could face for obstruction of justice and misuse of government property.

Now the conservative activist’s presidential campaign has established a “fighting camp” in Weiner’s congressional district to lead the battle to remove Weiner from office.

“I love the political process,” Martin will state in Forest Hills. “So today is not a happy day for me or anyone who is involved in politics and public policy. Anthony Weiner has defamed all of us. He has debauched our democracy. I don’t mind disagreeing with Democrats, and bashing them during election campaigns. I like Democrats as friends and neighbors, and abhor their policies. That’s all part of our vigorous public discourse.

“Even though I led the ‘War Against Barack Obama’ among conservative activists I always treated Mr. Obama with respect. That’s why I can stand before you as a legitimate presidential candidate and not just a blogger.

“All of us expect that candidates and public officials will impose some self-restraint as they ascend up the political ladder. Perhaps little is expected of an alderman in a small down, but more is expected of a state legislator, and much more of a legislator in our national congress.

“The publication of Weiner’s ‘penis picture’ is the last straw. Personally, I would not have published that picture. As a presidential candidate I recognize many restrains on my freedom of action. But the picture is now out on the Internet. ‘Nuff said.

“My presidential campaign has led the Republican Party and the American people in the effort to remove Anthony Weiner from office. I was the first to call for his resignation; the first to focus on Ginger Lee, the first to launch a sex investigation in his congressional district and the first to analyze his potential criminal activity. I am not the first to publish the latest round of salacious pictures.

“And I am now the first to establish a ‘fighting camp’ in Kew Gardens to lead the effort in Weiner’s own congressional district to remove him from office,” Martin will state.

Martin is one of Washington’s most experienced investigators of congressional abuses, having been involved as far back as the 1960’s and 1970’s investigating congressional sex scandals and other cronyism and corruption.

Martin will hold a Forest Hills news conference today, Wednesday, June 8th at 5:30 P.M. to call for Weiner to resign in light of the Internet spread of his “penis picture.”

Martin is a former adjunct professor of law at City University of New York; he has over thirty years of experience investigating and exposing congressional imbroglios going back to the Wayne Hayes sex scandal and even earlier House embarrassments.

“The Torah tells us not to rejoice in the downfall of our adversaries,” Martin says. “And so I am not exultant at the political and personal deconstruction of Rep. Anthony Weiner. It is a sad day for Congress, for Weiner’s family and for Weiner himself.

“Decades ago I became one of the nation’s first conservative congressional investigators. But in digging for the truth I never hesitated to cross ideological lines. I remember working with Jack Anderson on one investigation. Truth and only truth was always the goal. That’s why I have survived and succeeded as long as I have.

“But as a legal expert and someone who has been known for decades as a skillful courtroom interrogator, I must advise Mr. Weiner that his days in public office are at an end. He is only prolonging the pain for himself and his wife. If Weiner truly loves his wife, he will resign immediately. If he loves himself more than he loves his wife, he will try to hang on for a few days. But he will not avoid or evade removal from congress.

“I don’t have a bad word to say about most of my adversaries in the Republican presidential campaign as individuals. But Romney, Pawlenty and Cain are running as Washington ‘outsiders.’ George W. Bush proved you could not go to Washington as an outsider and succeed. The White House is no place for on-the-job training.

“The idea that Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and Herman Cain can simply become president and wave a magic wand is, frankly, ludicrous. What I bring to the table as a Republican presidential candidate is more than thirty years of Washington experience as an independent corruption fighter and investigator.

“Unlike my adversaries, I know how Washington works because I have been investigating and exposing the place for decades. Mr. Weiner is only the latest in a long list of miscreants I have either exposed or helped bring down. In other words, only if you already know how the system works can you actually pull the levers of power to tear down the cronyism and corruption that is the cancer in our nation’s capital today. (Of course, that’s why the media and the political establishment are trying to take down my candidacy; they do not want to upset their cozy relationships within the existing system.)

“Bus tours won’t bring down the temple, and claiming lack of experience as a qualification for office won’t do it either. Should I also bring up Jimmy Carter, another president who ran on his lack of experience as a qualification for office? Only someone who has a history and a track record of independence and integrity can expect to succeed. I have that resume.

“The way I targeted Mr. Weiner reflects my willingness to dig up the bodies, and tear down the established order in Washington, the cronyism and corruption that has eluded president-after-president. I am the only Republican presidential candidate with that proven track record of fighting and exposing misfeasance.

“For my colleagues in the Tea Party, who seem to be enamored of inexperience as a job qualification, I can only say, most humbly, that ‘I am the only candidate who can achieve your goals. I did not become a reformer in 2009. I have been a reformer for decades.’

“If you don’t believe in the potency of my experience, just ask Representative Anthony Weiner. While he may not be willing to write a job reference for me, he knows that when Andy Martin attacks, the bad guys run for cover. When Andy Martin comes calling, the game is up, just as Weiner’s days in office are now numbered.

“The fact that Weiner lied to his colleagues, to the media and to the American people about circulating photographs of his body parts on the Internet mandates that he be removed from office. The outcome is inevitable. How long he prolongs the agony is up to him.

“The bottom line: I am a candidate who gets things done. I am now about the business of leading the charge to remove Anthony Weiner from congress. I am leaving a ‘This congressman is condemned” envelope at his residence,” Martin will state.

Martin’s fighting camp in Kew Gardens will now begin to coordinate efforts to remove Weiner from office.



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin renews his demand Congressman Anthony Weiner resign in light of publication of he “penis picture.” Martin will leave a “This congressman is condemned” envelope at Weiner’s residence in Forest Hills.


One Askan Avenue, Forest Hills, New York (Martin will actually set up across the street to avoid any access problems at One Ascan Avenue.)


Wednesday, June 8th, 2011, 5:30 P.M.


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Martin has also been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois politics and American courts for over forty years. He is currently sponsoring See also;

He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).


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