MISSING PERSONS REPORT: New Hampshire Governor John Lynch’s “Rapid Response Team”

Friday afternoon Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin told a Concord news conference that a “political fix is in” to ignore the loss of jobs by New Hampshire’s North County largest employer. Martin said Governor John Lynch’s “Rapid Response Team” was ignoring the corruption and illegality of the purported closing of a New Hampshire landmark in violation of the previsions of the Tillotson Trust. Martin says that on Monday he will give the governor and NH Attorney General five (5) days to revoke approval for the sale of The Balsams before Martin takes court action to block the hotel’s sale and closing.

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin said Friday closing New Hampshire’s landmark hotel “The Balsams” is a “Chinatown-style” political fix

Martin said the New Hampshire Republican Party is also remaining silent at the closing of the North Country’s largest employer because of the party’s influence and control by corporate lobbyists and lawyers

Martin said the currently-proposed sale of the Balsams is a “conservation disaster”

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin announced in Concord, New Hampshire Friday that the closing of “The Balsams” hotel in Dixville Notch is a political “fix”

Martin said NH Governor Lynch’s “Rapid Response Team” was “missing in action” despite the blatant illegality of the manner in which The Balsams was sold

Martin said a tape of the news conference at which the sale was approved may show that Ocean Properties promised not to close the hotel

(CONCORD, NH)(July 16, 2011) Corruption-fighting Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin told a Concord news conference Friday that the sale of the New Hampshire landmark hotel “The Balsams” was a “Chinatown-style” political fix in which both Democrats and Republicans were implicated.

Martin’s news conference was delayed when he was caught in a massive traffic jam on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Martin also promised to take legal action to stop the closing of “The Balsams” if the NH Attorney General does not rescind his approval of the sale and reopen the suspicious proceedings leading to the disposal of the property.

Martin noted that while the property is currently operated as an overall conservation area, under the proposed sale thousands of acres of currently protected land would be exposed to new development.

Martin said the Attorney General has to publicly reveal all of the secret records, secret contacts and secret contracts involved in the improper actions of the Attorney General’s office.

The hotel is owned by a charitable trust dedicated to serving the needs of the North Woods area.

“I was shocked to read in the Union Leader last Sunday that the ‘buyer’ of The Balsams was closing the hotel after stating unequivocally that it had no plans to do so,” Martin charged. “Firing hundreds of employees in a recession is an act of economic terrorism against the People of New Hampshire. The Tillotson Trust expressly prohibits such predatory behavior and vandalism against the northern economy of the state.

“Once again, I stand for what is right for the People of New Hampshire. I start alone, but I will not be alone at the finish line. We will stop the closing of The Balsams. We will find a buyer who is committed to economic recovery, not economic devastation. I have forty-five years of fighting corruption in Chicago, and I can say the Balsams deal reeks of Chicago-style corruption and self-dealing,” Martin charged. “Governor Lynch’s ‘Rapid Response Team’ is nothing more than a political damage control team, and in this case the politicians are the ones causing the damage by corrupting the intent of the Tillotson Trust.” Martin said the Trust’s financial returns were “massaged” to justify sale of the hotel.

“Why is the governor silent as hundreds lose their jobs in a political fix worthy of the ‘Chinatown’ movie? Where is Governor Lynch’s ‘Rapid Response Team?’ Picking up the pieces after the hotel is trashed by Ocean Properties? ‘Helping’ people after their jobs are destroyed by corporate greed and political opportunism? Too little and too late?

“Where are New Hampshire’s media? Have any of the media gone behind the press releases and examined the Attorney General’s files? Or am I the only one to file a ‘Right-to-Know’ demand for access?

“Where would these North Country workers be if my family had not been welcomed by the people of New Hampshire 100 years ago? Where, if I had not grown up with New Hampshire values spending summers at lakes and the shore? Where would we be if I had not gone on to be a corruption-fighter who helped send mafia hoodlums to prison? Where, if I had not decided to come ‘home’ and file as a candidate for president in the first primary? Where?

“I’ll tell you where: nowhere. The workers of The Balsams and working families of the North Country would be sent to their slaughter silently while political bigwigs collect their payoffs in the form of legal fees and consulting contracts. Three hundred workers are losing their jobs. But hundreds more persons depend of these paychecks for economic survival.

“I will not rest until the obvious corruption of the Tillotson Trust is undone and until we see honesty returned to the North Country,” Martin said. “Thousands of acres of land that are currently de facto protected from development would be exposed to massive new development by Governor Lynch’s inaction and complicity. I believe in protecting the environment; Lynch obviously does not.

On Monday Martin will give the Attorney General and Governor five (5) days to rescind approval for the sale of the Balsams before he launches a series of legal challenges to the rigged process by which the hotel was delivered into the hands of Ocean Properties.

Martin also chided the leadership of the New Hampshire Republican Party for remaining silent as the North Country’s largest employer is closed and sold for scrap. “More lobbyists, more lawyers, more corruption and more cronyism” Martin said. “Jack Kimball says he is committed to ‘jobs,’ but he sits by silently as the North Country’s largest employer is vandalized by greed and corruption. Does the cat have Kimball’s tongue? Kimball is an incompetent and hypocritical leader.”

Martin closed by announcing the existence of a tape he has been given that may provide a promise, announced at the news conference for the sale of the Balsams, in which Ocean Properties pledged not to close the hotel.

Martin will be in Exeter, New Hampshire Saturday, where his campaign has a booth and where he will be leading opposition to the Northern Pass high voltage transmission line proposal that would cut New Hampshire in half, once again with the silence and complicity of New Hampshire’s political class.

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