NEW YORK NEWS CONFERENCE Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Congress should impeach Obama over immigration amnesty

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference today, Sunday, August 21st to call for the impeachment of President Obama because of the president’s decision to grant de facto amnesty to illegal aliens and to seek to impose the “Dream Act” by executive power instead of legislative authority. Martin predicted in 2008 that if elected Obama would morph into a Chavez-style dictator (video).

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Congress should impeach President Obama because of the president’s amnesty action involving illegal aliens

Martin says Obama is doing what dictators do: use executive power to nullify a legislative deadlock

Martin says Obama’s action will exacerbate the national debate and division over immigration policy

Martin favors Republican outreach to Hispanic-Americans who are in the United States legally; but he says granting amnesty is going to inflame the 2012 election

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Maverick Republican Andy Martin says President Obama should be impeached because of his attempt to legislate from the White House

Martin says Obama’s attempt to impose a “Dream Act” by executive fiat will boomerang

(NEW YORK) (August 21, 2011) Corruption-fighting Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference today, Sunday, August 21st to call for the impeachment of President Obama over his unconstitutional “amnesty” for some illegal aliens.

“Almost every day I receive a few emails that call for the impeachment of President Obama,” Martin says. “(Some of them even want to impeach me, and I haven’t been elected yet.) I ignore these demands because whether the 2008 election was right or wrong, the 2012 election will decide whether Obama stays in office. I no not believe either the courts or congress will remove Obama from office. That’s a political reality some people just won’t face.

“But that’s also why I’m a candidate for president. The primary election process needs the participation of a constitutional scholar to ensure that Americans stay focused on the stakes in 2012.

“I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think I have ever called for the impeachment of president Obama before and I do not do so lightly today. But the president’s decision to use ‘prosecutorial discretion’ to grant de facto amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens is a usurpation of authority that the common law remedy of impeachment was intended to nullify.

“Today we have invested the word ‘impeachment’ with virtually demonic power. Most people do not even consider impeaching the president, even when he’s wrong. And that’s wrong.

“During the 2008 campaign I called Barack Obama a potential ‘Chavez,’ like the Venezuelan dictator (video link below). Well, Obama’s latest dictatorial action confirms once again my prescience in seeing where Obama would lead if Americans were misguided enough to elect him. If legislating from the White House is not a ‘radical overthrow of the government,’ what is?

“There is a vigorous, some would say contentious, but entirely legitimate debate in this country about what our immigration policies should be. People who are in the United States legally deserve every consideration and every right of citizenship. That’s the constitutional way.

“But people who have broken our laws do not deserve the rights of citizenship. I will have more to say about what our immigration policy should be in the days ahead, and I will offer some creative solutions based on my training as an economist.

“But I have no doubt that the common law remedy of impeachment was intended to challenge a public official when that official seeks to usurp jurisdiction that official does not possess.

“What to do with children who were brought here illegally is a difficult question. A child has obviously broken no law, and could not form criminal intent. The child becomes the victim of a crime by his parents. How to respond is not an easy question. Reasonable people can disagree. That’s what democracy is all about. We have policy differences. We resolve them in congress.

“Republicans are divided. You can find all points of view represented in the Republican Party, and that’s good. We have a healthy internal debate. While views within the Democratic Party are not as diverse, Democrats also reflect divisions over how to resolve the immigration conundrum. That’s why congress is deadlocked. And that’s why Obama could not pass ‘immigration reform’ when he controlled both branches of congress for two years.

“President Obama has sought to ignore this deadlock of democracy and to arrogate imperial powers to himself to rewrite laws through an abuse of the principle of ‘prosecutorial discretion.’ In other words, Obama is trying to legislative changes in substantive law by seeking to nullify existing law. That’s what impeachment was originally designed to undo.

“As a law professor and constitutional expert I do not suggest impeachment casually or as a joke. But we have to decide in this country whether laws are going to be written by congress or whether they are going to be written by Obama. The Constitution places the law-writing power in congress, not the executive branch.

“Obama is engaged in a cruel charade. His is playing with the lives of young adults whose existence may be further disrupted if there is a change in the White House in 2012. If there is a change there will no doubt be a demand to undo the latest ‘amnesty.’ Where does that leave the ‘beneficiaries’ of Obama’s unconstitutional largesse? Vulnerable to the stroke of a president’s pen. And victimized by the president of the United States for his own selfish, political motives.

“One of the reasons the abortion debate has festered in this country for four decades is because people rightly feel that the courts took the issue of abortion away from our legislatures. A court decision must be respected but it does not enjoy the same democratic legitimacy as a legislative enactment. Likewise, by trying to enact a version of the so-called ‘Dream Act’ by executive action, and by imposing his mini-Dream Act without legislative authority, Obama is ensuring that the immigration debate is going to deteriorate, not ameliorate.

“Obama may not even profit from his wrongdoing because he may enrage American citizens of every background who want the immigration debate to be continued in Congress, not blocked by the Oval Office. Obama’s arrogance and contempt for democracy mark him as more of a banana republic dictator (Hugo Chavez) than as an American president (see video link below).

“Under our Constitution, congress has a duty to protect its own institutional prerogative to legislate and to be the sole source of legislation. That’s why I am proffering the suggestion that congress impeach Obama to restore the proper balance intended by the authors of our great Constitution. This is one time ‘original intent’ must prevail to protect the congress from a predatory and politically craven president.”

Martin will hold his New York news conference in front of the New York Stock Exchange at the corner of Wall and Broad Streets.



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says congress should impeach President Obama because of the president’s decision to grant de facto amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens


Corner of Wall and Broad Streets, New York Stock Exchange


Sunday, August 21st, 2011, 12:45 P.M.


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