Presidential candidate Andy Martin on the arrest of Barack Obama’s uncle

Presidential candidate Andy Martin reviews the endless family dramas of President “no drama” Barack Obama

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin is the acknowledged expert on the bizarre family history of President Barack Obama. Andy came to national prominence in 2004 as the first critic/investigator/author of Barack Obama. Martin knows all of the “players” in Illinois politics that created the Obama myth. In 2008 Martin became the first investigator to go to Honolulu to examine the circumstances of Obama’s birth. With the latest arrest of an Obama family member, Presidential Candidate Andy Martin provides an analysis of why the “Birther” Movement was “born” and why it persists as an undercurrent of American politics.

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin writes on President Barack Obama, whose life has been defined by illegal aliens, deportations and family disruptions

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Illinois corruption fighter Andy Martin was the first investigator/analyst to begin exposing the family myths of Barack Obama, in 2004.

With the arrest of President Obama’s uncle, who is an illegal alien using an illegal social security number, Andy returns to an analysis of why his research gave “birth” to the “Birther” movement and why the movement persists as an undercurrent of American politics

Andy ties together his extraordinary and historic march across the State of New Hampshire with President Obama’s sad family history

(NEW YORK)(August 31, 2011) Last weekend I was walking and biking across the State of New Hampshire as part of my protest against a public utility’s proposal to cut the State of New Hampshire in half with high voltage transmission lines. You can imagine that walking miles and miles in the hot sun “charges” you up for the topic at hand, in my case opposition to “Northern Pass” proposal of Northeast Utilities.

We came upon a family farm along Highway 3. My security detail asked to stop and buy some fresh farm produce. As people often do at roadside stands, we began chatting about politics and the topic of President Barack Obama was raised. The farmer’s brother then took me over to his pickup truck and showed me the vehicle. The truck carries a magnetic sign “Show us the real birth certificate.”

The left wing, and President Obama’s operatives themselves, credit me with creating the “Birther” movement. But the “birth” of the anti-Obama movement has been distorted by the mainstream media. While I did focus the Birther movement on seeking access to president Obama’s original birth certificate in 2008, the Birther movement was a reaction to deep public uncertainty about who Barack Obama really is.

Earlier this year, Donald Trump took my issue, and my investigations, branded them as his own, and created a media firestorm as part of his promotion for a new season of his TV program. Trump’s celebrity status forced President Obama to release a copy of his original 1961 Hawai’i birth certificate. Obama’s staff said that release of the birth document would not quell concerns about Obama’s origins, and they were right.

There has been a great deal of controversy about Obama’s April birth certificate and I am not a part of any of that disputation. As a full-time presidential candidate I have left it to others to pick up where I left off.

The mainstream media have always tried to demonize me as a means of demonizing the tens of millions of Americans who still have doubts about Barack Obama. In the absence of Trump’s pseudo-campaign for president (and I am fully expecting another pseudo-“campaign” for president by Trump next year) the Birther controversy has gone underground. I still receive several dozen Birther emails every day.

While I am the acknowledged originator of the research on Obama’s opaque origins, even I am not an expert on all aspects of the concerns and confusion involving the president. For example, one of the Birther movement’s enduring complaints has been that President Obama uses a Social Security number issued in Connecticut. I don’t know anything about that issue because there are just too many questions for one person to thoroughly research every uncertainty about the president.

The arrest a few days ago of yet another Obama relative living illegally in the United States, however, prompts me to explain why Birtherism persists and why it will not go away because the doubts about who Obama is will not go away.

Obama claims to be the son of Barack Obama, Senior, a Kenyan citizen who came to America and unleashed a domestic crime wave. When I first suggested that because President Obama’s parents were never legally married he was illegitimate, or “nonmarital’ as we say in family courts today, the media slimed me for spreading “rumors” even though my legal facts were absolutely correct.

It is now generally accepted that Barack the father never divorced his first wife, and that his marriage to Kezia Obama was lawful and legally recognized in the United States in 1959 when Obama came to Hawai’i.

President Obama has carried the stigma throughout his life of knowing he was illegitimate even as he has tried to conceal that fact from the public.

Barack Obama campaigned in 2008 as “No Drama Obama.” The reality is precisely the opposite. President Obama continues to struggle with the endless drama of his disordered and disorganized family origins.

Last month (July, 2011) yet another mountain of evidence was released in a new book (links below) exploring the tortured history of the president’s putative father. One reviewer called Obama’s family history “deeply depressing.” (link below) When asked if he had looked into any adoption records, Obama’s staff responded that he had not even though Obama mused about adoption in his own book “Dreams From My Father.”

When I began writing about Barack Obama in 2004 very little was known about him. Denver radio talk show host Peter Boyles calls Obama’s birth a “nativity story,” and Boyles is 100% right. In Honolulu my investigative team began to strip away the layers of lies about Obama’s origins. For example, I was the first to report that Obama’s parents had never lived together and thus never had a real marriage.

I went to the address listed in 1961 birth announcements and verified the occupants of the residence were Ann Dunham’s parents, not the Obama “family.”

But the more truths I unearthed the more attacks I received from the mainstream media. The media did not want to know the truth about Obama because they did not want the American people to know the truth about who Obama was, or wasn’t. The same old media lies from 2008 are now being recycled for 2012.

The media now pretend that the issue of Obama’s origins has been put to rest by production of the Hawai’i birth certificate that I fought so hard to release. That is simply not the case.

Let’s look at the “real” and undisputed family history of President Obama:

First, his father was not formally deported from the United states but he was effectively deported when academic officials demanded he be removed from the US.

Second, Obama knew one of his aunts was living illegally in the United states, falsely claiming “political asylum” although she had never been involved in any form of politics. Despite the fact she was living on welfare in public housing in Boston, then-Senator Obama did nothing to help his aunt until she became a campaign embarrassment in 2008.

Third, a new Obama “uncle” has now surfaced, and he is also under a deportation order as well as using a bogus Social Security number.

Is it any wonder tens of millions continue to harbor doubts about Obama’s origins?

These doubts will play a crucial but deeply submerged role in the 2012 presidential campaign. No, the “Birther” movement will not be portrayed in the mainstream media. The media pretend there is “closure” with the April release of the “certificate.”

But the Birther movement was never about just the birth certificate. Three years into his presidency, the American people still do not know who Barack Obama really is. When Newt Gingrich suggested earlier this year that Obama’s attitudes were “foreign,” the media were quick to accuse Gingrich of racism. There is a concerted effort to demonize anyone who delves into the mysteries of Obama’s family history.

But how can any reasonable person not have doubts when Obama abuses his authority as president to effectively grant immigration amnesty to an aunt who was an illegal alien? Or when the president uses a Cleveland attorney to represent all of his illegal alien relatives? Or when people raise questions about his own dubious Social Security number when his relatives are also using illegal Social security numbers? On and on it goes.

During 2008 I was often asked who “vets” presidential candidates. People were stunned when I told them no one vets candidates. Candidates are vetted by their opponents, by the media and by the voters. So, no, no federal agency ever “vetted’ Obama.

If a dairy farmer along a country road in New Hampshire still had doubts last weekend about Barack Obama’s origins before the arrest of the president’s “uncle,” and if that farmer wondered why a president who grew up in Hawai’i has a Connecticut Social Security number, can the farmer be wrong for questioning the president’s legitimacy after the arrest of Obama’s uncle, who is both illegal and using an illegal Social Security number?

Because of his father’s existing marriage, Barack Obama was illegitimate when he was born, and he has lived an illegitimate life leading to an illegitimate presidency. I say these words not out of hatred for Obama; after all, none of us is responsible for the misdeeds of our parents. But, the reality of psychology and psychiatry is that we bear the burdens of the past in our daily lives and President Barack Obama is a deeply burdened man.

Luckily for him, he has made so much money he can afford to hire a Cleveland attorney to represent his criminal relatives in Massachusetts. But what does Obama think about all of his mishegas?

When will the mainstream media’s charade of silence about Barack Obama end?

The American people are waiting.

Sadly, I am the only Republican presidential candidate who is willing to ask the tough questions about President Obama’s origins, as the doubts about his “legitimacy” grow deeper every day. Republican presidential candidates maintain as much of a pretense and a silence about Obama’s origins as the liberal mainstream media. None of them wants to talk about Obama’s bizarre family history, even though that “history” is now playing out in the daily newspapers with the latest arrest of an Obama relative. Why are the other Republican presidential candidates afraid to discuss Obama’s convoluted family history? Why not ask them?

Is it any wonder the Birther movement endures, and that public confidence in the integrity of mainstream media is at a low ebb and falling?

(We have provided extensive links below for readers wanting to explore these issues more deeply. In the short bio that accompanies my news releases [see below] you can also order one of the few remaining copies of my book on Obama, “The Man Behind The Mask.” Did you ever see a more accurate book title?)


As a result of my 2008 trip to Honolulu, I came to believe that there is a serious possibility Barack Obama “the father” is not the “father of the president.” Rather, Ann Dunham was impregnated by Frank Marshall Davis, another married man whose genes appear to share much more in common with President Obama than Obama-the-Kenyan. I have no objective DNA proof for my theory, but the existence of reasonable doubt about who President Obama’s father really is must weigh heavily on the president.


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