Republican Presidential Andy Martin: CNN put Tea Party in political mainstream

BULLETIN: Michele Bachmann cancels Illinois speech she requested. In his second of a two-part reaction to last week’s CNN debate, Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says that CNN’s co-sponsorship of the CNN/Tea party debate has brought the Tea Party into the America mainstream. Martin is a strong Tea Party supporter.

BULLETIN Michele Bachmann cancels Illinois event she requested

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Andy Martin on the CNN “debate,” Part Two (of two parts)

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter drops out of presidential race

Martin predicts the CNN debate will prove to be a watershed event

Andy says “Three Cheers for the Tea Party”


(NEW YORK) (September 22, 2011) I can’t predict what will happen tonight at the Fox News “debate.” Earlier today Representative Thaddeus McCotter dropped out of the presidential race claiming “the media” did him in. Oh really?

In a more interesting development, Michele Bachmann has cancelled an event she requested in Illinois (link below). How do you cancel an event you yourself requested? Beats me. I have nothing against Michele but she is giving conservatives a bad name with her ditsy campaign. Government injection, anyone?
Right now, I have a more “national” campaign than Michele. She is, according to her former campaign guru Ed Rollins, restricting herself to Iowa. I am coast-to-coast and across the Pacific to Hawai’i. I don’t think I’ll run into Michele campaigning in Honolulu next week (my “Countdown to Honolulu” is now four days away!) The media are still paying more attention to Michele than me, but her media presence can’t last if her campaign ends up like Alice-In-Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat, nothing more than an empty smile.

Before last week’s CNN debate passes into history I would like to point out that the CNN event will have lasting impact on the 2012 presidential race.

I liked the Tea Party message from the gitgo. Professional politicians in Washington are raping the United States and destroying our nation. We need less government, less regulation, less taxation and less of the permanent political class that is oppressing working families. What’s not to like abut the Tea Party?

But ever since the Tea Party appeared two years ago, Barack Obama and his media storm troopers have done everything they can to degrade Tea Party supporters. Obama recognized right away the Tea Party had the makings of a “Reagan Democrats” operation that could threaten his reelection. So he decided to destroy the Tea Party nucleus before it expanded into a powerful opposition movement. He failed.

Right into 2011 the Tea Party was still being attacked, maligned, abused, accused of racism, blah, blah, blah. As former Mayor Daley of Chicago said in 1968, “They have even criticized me.” (link below)

But no more.

Now that CNN has co-sponsored an event with the Tea Party it would be hard to say the Tea Party is outside the mainstream. Ironically it was CNN, the original “Clinton News Network,” that legitimized the Tea Party. Well la dee da.

The Tea Party will have its ups and downs, its good days and bad days, power struggles and power plays; it will support good candidates and bad candidates. That’s what politics is all about. Even reform politics. No one and no movement and no party is perfect. (Full disclosure: I’m not perfect, either.)

But thanks to CNN the Tea Party has joined the American media mainstream.


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