HONOLULU NEWS CONFERENCE Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin backs snake inspection law for Hawai’i

NEWS CONFERENCE: Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Honolulu news conference at the Hawai’i State Capitol today, Tuesday, October 4th to announce he fully supports federal funding for the brown tree snake inspection program which seeks to protect Hawai’i environment. Andy is the only Republican presidential candidate who supports environmental protection. In a letter to McCain, Martin castigates john McCain for his opposition to the Hawai’i program.

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Andy Martin says Senator John McCain’s opposition to Hawaii’s brown tree snake program is “just plain stupid”

Martin says Republicans should maintain their historical role as protectors of the environment

Martin says the entire United States from Main to Hawai’i faces risks from invasive species; what don’t the Republicans understand?

(HONOLULU, HI)(October 4, 2011) Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a news conference today, October 4, 2011 at the Hawai’i State Capitol in downtown Honolulu to announce that as president he would continue and possibly even expand federal funding for Hawaii’s brown tree snake eradication program.

“I am very disappointed that Senator John McCain, who I alternatively respect and ridicule from time to time, thinks the brown tree snake inspection program in Hawai’i is government waste. He’s wrong, totally wrong.

“What do Senator McCain and the other anti-environmental dopes not understand? Has the anti-environmental protection mantra in the Republican Party become so strong that people are willing to endanger the American people? I hope not.

“Invasive species are a threat from coast-to-coast. In Illinois, we are terrified of the risks posed by the so-called ‘flying catfish’ that could destroy the Great Lakes ecosystem. In Florida, pythons are multiplying and pose a risk to the Everglades. In California they face threats from other invasive species. How can Republicans ignore this threat? Or is it all right to ‘stop the catfish’ in Illinois but ignore the brown tree snakes that endanger Hawai’i?

“While McCain is wrong on this issue, Hawai’i legislators have also been less than effective. Instead of defending against ‘pork’ accusations and making the nationwide case for the eradication of invasive species, Hawai’i members of congress have been relatively flaccid and ineffective.

“I am an environmental protectionist in the finest traditions of the Republican Party. Even if my primary opponents do not, I realize we face a national threat from the improper and unwise importation of invasive species. I would ban the importation of just about every non-native species except for carefully controlled scientific purposes. The threat to Hawai’i is no different than the threat to the Everglades or the threat to the Great Lakes. I will work to protect Hawaii’s environment just as hard as I will work to protect the mainland’s environmental challenges. That’s why I am the most balanced and best qualified presidential candidate,” Martin says.

“Perhaps we need to combine and restructure our invasive species programs so they are viewed at the national level and not in isolation state-by-state. Hawai’i is not alone. Florida is not alone. The Great Lakes are not alone.”

Martin notes he is the only presidential candidate who is standing up for environmental protection. He believes concern for the environment is essential; we should root out abuses and excesses of the EPA when they occur, but we should vigorously respond to the risks of invasive species. Fighting species risks is not “pork” or a boondoggle or anything similar. In Andy’s opinion invasive species are a major risk to our national environment.

In New Hampshire Andy is a leading opponent of the Northern Pass high voltage transmission line proposal that would undermine the Granite State’s environment.



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin supports continued federal funding for the brown tree snake inspection and eradication program in Hawai’i


Hawai’i State Capitol, Honolulu, by the statute of Queen Liliuokalani


Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 – 2:15 P.M. Honolulu time

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ABOUT ANDY: Andy Martin’s family immigrated to Manchester, New Hampshire 100 years ago. His mom was born in Manchester. Growing up, Andy spent summers in New Hampshire. That’s why he’s New Hampshire’s “Favorite Son” presidential candidate. Today Andy is a legendary New York and Chicago-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, talk television pioneer, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. Chicago Public Radio calls Andy a “boisterous Internet activist.” The Chicago Tribune calls him “Chicago’s own…political activist.” He has over forty years of background in radio and television. He is the author of “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” [www.OrangeStatePress.com] and he produced the Internet film “Obama: The Hawaii’ Years” [www.BoycottHawaii.com]. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” http://www.ContrarianCommentary.com. He comments on regional, national and international events with more than four decades of investigative and analytical experience both in the USA and around the world.

Martin has been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois and American politics and courts for over forty years. [www.AndyMartin.com] He is currently sponsoring http://www.AmericaisReadyforReform.com. See also http://www.FirstRespondersOnline.us; http://www.EnglishforAmerica.org

He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).


Andy’s columns are also posted at ContrarianCommentary.blogspot.com; ContrarianCommentary.wordpress.com.

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Although Andy resides in Manchester, New Hampshire today, where he is the state's leading corruption fighter (details: www.AndyMartin.com) he has spent decades fighting corruption in Chicago and nationally. He is the Executive Editor and publisher of ContrarianCommentary.com. E-mail: AndyMart20@aol.com. Media contact: (347) 960-9593. Andy is one of America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analyst.s He is a Middle East expert who is Executive Director of the Revolutionary War Research Center. He has spent over 50 years in and out of Asia and the Middle East and during much of 2003 lived in Baghdad. Andy created the anti-Obama movement in 2004 and is the author of the bestselling book "Obama: The Man Behind The Mask." © Copyright by Andy Martin 2019
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