PALM BEACH NEWS CONFERENCE SATURDAY: Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin explains why Herman Cain should withdraw as a presidential candidate: “The late, great presidential campaign of Herman Cain.”

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach news conference Saturday, November 5th to explain why Herman Cain should withdraw as a presidential candidate. Martin’s campaign team, “Chicago Tough,” provides a comprehensive analysis of several issues in the Cain case.

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin’s campaign team says Herman Cain is neither a competent business executive nor a “problem solver” as Cain claims in his debate appearances

Andy says Cain’s “bus tour” while the story was percolating is evidence of Cain’s bizarre and unstable behavior

Andy says Cain is not the victim of racial discrimination

Andy says Cain’s situation is completely different than those of Bill Clinton or Clarence Thomas

Andy is a former adjunct professor of law and has extensive experience with employment discrimination law

(PALM BEACH, FL) (November 5, 2011) Corruption-fighting Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach news conference Saturday, November 5th to provide his legal and political analysis of the sexual harassment accusation against Herman Cain. Andy will renew his suggestion that Herman Cain step down as a presidential candidate. In the following paragraphs Andy’s team provides a detailed analysis of why Cain’s presidential campaign is fatally compromised and should be terminated.

“I am renewing my suggestion, made Thursday, that Herman Cain step down as a presidential candidate,” Andy says. “I am issuing the following Statement/Analysis of the ‘Late, great presidential campaign of Herman Cain.”


A number of issues have been raised during the firestorm over allegations that Herman Cain sexually harassed women while serving as the head of the National Restaurant Association (“NRA”). My campaign team has taken a look at the overall situation. Here are our conclusions. We also provide two (2) links below in the “Links to This Story” section.

1. The “anonymous” complaints

Conservative commentators persist in mischaracterizing the NRA complaints against Cain as “anonymous.” They were not “anonymous.” Employees of the NRA, two of them, made detailed allegations of sexual harassment and received substantial payments. These complaints were not made in 2011; they were made approximately in 1999. The identities of the complainants were fully disclosed to the NRA. The American public does not know the names of the accusers because of confidentiality provisions contained in the settlement agreements with each employee.

2. The personal attacks on Cain’s victims/complainants

The conservative media have attacked the motives of the alleged victims of Cain’s sexual harassment. Their complaints have been mischaracterized as “politically motivated.” We don’t know who advised Politico.Com of the discrimination allegations but there is no evidence the women made their accusations in 1999 because of any political motive. On the contrary, after reporting Cain’s behavior they left the NRA quietly and the public was not aware of the sexual harassment settlements until they leaked out 13 years later. Both of the women have had successful careers after leaving the NRA; one works for the federal government. There is not a scintilla of evidence that either victim was a “flake” or gold-digger.

Moreover (see link below) the Washington Post reports that the respected local attorney involved with one victim described the allegations Friday as involving ““a series of inappropriate behaviors and unwanted advances” spanning months that eventually led his client to take action. Cain’s misbehavior allegedly involved a “series” of acts and “spanned months.” Mr. Cain claims he does not remember the allegations. How could a presidential candidate “forget” something as serious as these charges? By his own admission, Mr. Cain has serious memory problems.

3. Why did Herman Cain leave the NRA before his contract ended?

Herman Cain left the NRA before his own employment agreement ended. One victim reportedly made her complaint to an NRA board member. It is inconceivable that responsible individuals at the NRA were not aware of the complaints. The circumstantial evidence strongly points to the conclusion that Cain left the NRA because of the allegations of sexual harassment. He owes Republican voters a full explanation and full disclosure of his employment records at the NRA. If Cain’s memory has “failed,” as he claims, then his campaign is also “failed.” You can’t be president if you can’t remember vital events in your life.

4. The presidency is “different”

Recently a U. S. Senator who patronized a prostitute was reelected in Louisiana. Representative Barney Frank’s sexual peccadilloes are no secret. Why is Cain’s situation different? Because the presidency is different. If a senator or representative has bad judgment the American people do not pay the price. When a president is flawed, it is a national emergency.

5. The “Clinton Card”

Conservatives have tried to compare Cain’s predicament to Governor Bill Clinton’s reaction when he was a candidate in 1992 and Gennifer Flowers’ sexual allegations against Clinton surfaced. There is no comparison. First, we now know that Clinton lied about Ms. Flowers to “Sixty Minutes.” Second, Jennifer Flowers’ allegations concerned private, consensual sexual activity. Clinton was a cad, but he was not having sex with one of his employees. Third, the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace is viewed very differently today than it was in 1992. Fourth, when Clinton was shown to have engaged in “sex at the office” with Monica Lewinsky he was impeached and disgraced. The tolerance for men (or women) who sexually prey on their employees no longer exists.

6. The “quid pro quo” allegation

Law Professor Alan Dershowitz recently appeared on one of the cable shows and outlined three types of sexual harassment, from the most serious to the less sanctionable. Dershowitz identified “quid pro quo” (do this or you might lose your job) accusations as the most serous form of sexual harassment in the workplace. Reports indicate that one of the sexual harassment complaints involved quid pro quo allegations, or the most virulent form of sexual harassment.

6. The “Race” Card

A. Black on Black

The attacks on Cain by African-Americans have been despicable. This race-card-in-reverse situation may help Cain in the short run but it is of no help in a long campaign. As Sergeant Joe Friday of Dragnet might say, “Just the facts, Mr. Cain.” Just the facts. That Harry Belafonte and Al Sharpton disapprove of Cain is totally irrelevant.

B. Clarence Thomas

Some people, including Cain himself, have tried to compare his plight to Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas’ confirmation battle in 1991. The “Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas situation” was completely different than the Cain matter. Anita Hill did not file sexual harassment complaints against Thomas when the alleged incidents took place. Had there been sexual harassment complaints, and settlements, Thomas would have been toast. There was also some evidence that Hill and Thomas were more than casual office acquaintances, which allowed many Thomas supporters to rationalize that Hill’s motives were merely an attempt to undermine Thomas for conduct that Hill did not find objectionable when it actually took place.

None of these extenuating factors exist in the Cain sexual harassment complaints. The women filed complaints against Cain, sought legal counsel, took settlements and left.

C. The double standard for African-Americans on race

There is no doubt that if a white executive/candidate was running for president and it was disclosed that his firm had paid settlements for sexual discrimination, that candidate would be dead. Cain is receiving the benefit of the doubt, or a double standard in his favor, because he is an African-American.

7. Cain’s Mickey Mouse behavior after being contacted

Cain has suggested he might sue For what? For reporting the facts and the truth? So Cain, who promises to end frivolous lawsuits and litigation abuses, wants to file his own frivolous lawsuit. Is he a joke? Or what? Cain had approximately ten (10)(10!!!) days notice of the article. He had ten days to control the media response. He did nothing. He claims his mind was blank, his memory nonexistent.

Actually, Cain was riding on a bus somewhere in Alabama or Tennessee. Riding a bus? Is this the way a serious candidate or serious executive or potential president would respond to a media inquiry? By continuing his bus tour? Cain was oblivious to the implications of his situation. Would you want a man that goofy sitting in the Oval Office? Most campaign teams would have recalled the candidate to headquarters and responded to the potential crisis before it became a crisis. Cain did nothing.

Cain has attacked Rick Perry as the source of the allegations, then withdrawn the Perry allegations, then made the Perry allegations again. Cain is running for president as a “business executive” and “problem solver.” Is this the way he solves problems? Is this the way he manages challenges and crises? In an earlier column I offered a medical explanation for Cain’s bizarre behavior (you can find the earlier column on my blogs). Is there any executive/manager/public official you can think of who would ignore a devastating media inquiry and go off on a bus tour? If Cain stumbled into the nomination, Barack Obama’s campaign team would make chopped liver of Cain.

Cain may claim he’s a “problem solver,” but he created his own problems when confronted with what could have been a minor issue if handled properly.

When Cain attacked Rick Perry as the source of the story he said he held discussions about the sexual harassment case with a staff member in Cain’s U. S. Senate campaign in 2004. In other words, if you take Cain at his own word, he knew in 2004 that the sexual harassment cases could be a problem. No one disputes that he did nothing in 2011. How could he have believed the harassment cases would be a problem in 2004 and would not be a problem in 2012? Can you believe Cain’s claims? (His former employee who is now working for Perry denies he and Cain had the 2004 discussion.)

In conclusion, there is only one way Cain can rescue his presidential prospects. He must make full disclosure and ask the NRA to release all of his own employment records as well as the full and complete records of the two sexual harassment complaints and settlements. His personnel records will probably disclose why he left the NRA early, before his employment agreement ended. The sexual harassment complaints will detail what Cain was accused of. If Cain’s behavior was innocent, inadvertent or innocuous, he will be vindicated and can remain a candidate. If he continues to pursue secrecy as his solution he is through. As long as Cain hides behind secrecy he is fatally compromised as a presidential candidate.

Because the full facts are not yet known, and may never be known, making a judgment is not easy. But based on what we know to date, Mr. Cain has been dishonest with the American people, he has repeatedly lied about the incident in TV interviews, and he deserves no sympathy because of his lack of candor. As a practical matter, Cain’s balloon has been punctured. His campaign is over. He may linger as a candidate for several months but there is no way any serious voter could entrust Herman Cain with the Oval Office.

Mr. Cain could have avoided this outcome if he had been honest with Republicans and Americans, if he had been a genuine “problem solver.” Cain chose prevarication and evasion and ultimately he was the architect of his own political demise.



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Herman Cain should step down as a presidential candidate due to his lack of candor during his sexual harassment firestorm


Sidewalk in front of 95 N. County Road, Palm Beach (former U. S. Post Office)


Saturday, November 5th, 2011, 3:00 P.M.


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