Psychological Profile of Newt Gingrich: Gingrich is unfit for the presidency says Andy Martin

Five years ago Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin produced a precedent-setting “Psychological Profile of Barack Obama.” Andy accurately analyzed and predicted how and why Obama would become a failure as president. Now Andy’s team has studied Newt Gingrich’s long history of sexual psychosis. Andy predicts Gingrich may be “the most dangerous political figure in America today.” Andy says Gingrich’s decades of abuse of women reflects deep-seated psychological problems. Newt Gingrich: the unfit presidential candidate.

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“Gingrich Week Psychological profile”

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin: Newt Gingrich is a sexual psychopath whose underlying personality structure renders him unfit for the White House

The same team that produced a devastatingly accurate “Psychological Profile of Barack Obama” five years ago now analyzes Newton Gingrich and finds Gingrich psychologically unfit for the presidency

(New York) (December 10, 2011)

WARNING: This column and news analysis/Psychological Profile discusses sex. If you are squeamish about sexual matters or believe a candidate’s personal life has no place being analyzed then read no further. If you would like to know why a leading team of analysts that produced an uncannily accurate Psychological Profile of Barack Obama in 2007 now feels Newt Gingrich is psychologically unsuited for the presidency, read our opinions and give us your opinions.

TAKE ONE: Five years ago my research team began developing a Psychological Profile of Barack Obama. If you go back and read our analysis of Obama’s psyche, you will find we accurately predicted why Obama was unqualified for the presidency and why he would be a failure. (The profile can probably still be found on the Internet, and is the first chapter in my bestselling book on Obama—see below)

TAKE TWO: People sometimes get uncomfortable when the discussion turns to sex. On the other hand, most candidates for public office, and particularly the White House, treat their personal lives with some degree of self-respect and discretion. That has not been the case with Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich has left behind many sexual “markers” than can be analyzed. In producing this analysis we did not spy on Gingrich or go through his garbage. We applied straightforward psychological and analytical techniques to the available undisputed facts, to produce a profile that would or could be produced about any foreign leader.

TAKE THREE: Irony of ironies. The final working draft of this profile was prepared on Thursday, December 8th. Friday, a Washington Post columnist came out with remarks that parallel our analysis and conclusions (link below). While Michael Gerson does not dwell on Gingrich’s sexual escapades, our extended review of Gingrich’s sexual misconduct provides a devastating insight into his overall state of mind and only compounds the basis for declaring Gingrich unfit for the presidency.

TAKE FOUR: As a presidential candidate with an extensive background in research, interpretation and analysis, you can accept or reject my conclusions as you wish. We have done the research and sifted the evidence. No, I’m not a professional “sex researcher,” although I have had dinner with Dr. Ruth a few times. But I have long worked with organizations that dealt in information gathering and used all of the tools at their disposal to compromise potential sources and extract information from them.

TAKE FIVE: “It’s not about the sex.” Rape is not a sexual act. It is an act of aggression and hostility. The physical attack is incidental to the mental dysfunction. Likewise, sexual misconduct is not about the sex. Newt Gingrich’s long history of sexual abusiveness and exploitation provides a piercing insight into his character and personality.

TAKE SIX: One of Gingrich’s favorite alibis is acknowledging his past misconduct, as though his acknowledgment can erase the misdeeds. Or, his defenders will say, “It happened a long time ago.” Gingrich’s misconduct did not happen in high school and it did not happen in college as part of fraternity pranks. Gingrich’s self-destructive and abusive sexual behavior was being flagrantly displayed, virtually in public, in his thirties and forties when he was a few heartbeats away from the presidency. Saying he is a “grandfather now” cannot erase Gingrich’s underlying personality structure. Gingrich’s dysfunctional mind can’t be changed as simply as changing a couple of flashlight batteries. If you don’t believe me, ask a psychologist or psychiatrist. He or she will largely agree with the conclusions expressed in this profile.

TAKE SEVEN: Candidates today are held to higher standards than in the recent past. President John F. Kennedy would never make it into high office, sleeping as he did with crime syndicate prostitutes and making a joke of his marriage to Jackie Kennedy. Bill Clinton was caught in the transition from the “old ways” to the modern era. Clinton relentlessly lied about his infidelities. But in retrospect, Clinton was a pathological liar and equally unfit for the presidency.

Today politicians cannot cheat on their wives and conduct sexual exploitation of their employees or friends without the risk of paying a high price if they are discovered. The 24-hour news cycle is constantly on the lookout for new and sensational stories about misconduct by candidates and elected officials. Just ask Herman Cain if you don’t believe me.

TAKE EIGHT: Gingrich’s sexual misconduct rises to the level of a personality disorder. His mental disorder is still there, locked inside Gingrich’s brain. The fact that his current wife keeps him under virtual lock and key, and won’t allow him out of her sight for an extended period, is rather telling evidence that she knows what Gingrich would do if left alone.

TAKE NINE: In going over Gingrich’s history what appalled me the most was the report, never denied, that Gingrich was essentially having sex in public, in the back seat of his car, in the driveway in front of his home. Gail Sheehy, who is famous for her psychological analyses, wrote “The Inner Quest of Newt Gingrich” in 1995 for Vanity Fair. She reported on the sexual infidelities and shameless exhibitionism that took place when Gingrich was in his late 30’s. Newt was not a kid at the time.

“Experimentation” may be the wrong word to use, but for want of a better term experimentation describes what many teenagers and college students do in their late teens and early twenties. But a married man in his late thirties, with two children, who is having “public” sex in the back seat of a car parked in his front yard, is psychologically sick.

Gingrich’s physical activity was not “sex” in the conventional use of the term. His misconduct was compulsive and self-destructive behavior. His own staff told Sheehy that Gingrich’s sexual abuses may have been a reason why Gingrich did not run as well as he could have in his early campaigns for office.

Twenty years later, in the late 1990’s, Gingrich was still cheating on his (new) spouse and still engaging in indiscriminate sexual activity with his own employees in the U. S. House of Representatives. Gingrich was a precursor to the recently notorious and now former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

The fact that Gingrich married one of his strumpets, Callista, is no excuse for his misbehavior. His sexual misconduct was not a “fling;” rather, it was part of decades of aggressive, abusive, predatory and indiscriminate sexual misconduct. In short, Gingrich’s “sex” was not sex, it was evidence of serious, deep-seated psychological infirmities.

TAKE TEN: Gingrich’s exhibitionism and his apparent belief “the rules do not apply to me” behavior has not disappeared from his mind even if Callista now has enough sense to keep him under her personal surveillance. (When was the last time she allowed Gingrich on the campaign trail alone and overnight?)

The corrupted structure of the business empire Gingrich has created since leaving congress, and his grandiose manner of making charges against others (“Jail Barney Frank for his Freddie Mac involvement;” while Gingrich himself was on the payroll of Freddie Mac), reflect an ideation that the normal rules do not apply to Gingrich. Gingrich is as psychologically sick today as he was in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. (Watch for future columns on Newt’s financial malpractice and greed.)

TAKE ELEVEN: Gingrich still cannot admit and still cannot accept his sexual psychosis. Earlier this year (see link below) he tried to explain away his sexual misconduct by claiming it was committed “because he was so busy working for America.” Sure Newt.

TAKE TWELVE: Gingrich’s sexual misconduct reflects that he is addicted to high-risk behavior. While he can’t go around gang-banging congressional staffers any more he tries to gang-bang the presidential race with outrageous and inflammatory promises and proposals. Some viewers see Gingrich on TV and assume his blather is evidence of great profundity. On the contrary, Gingrich is just mouthing off in every direction because he knows that Republicans are frustrated with Obama and enjoy the “bad boy” routine Gingrich offers.

TAKE THIRTEEN: Gingrich’s addiction to exhibitionism and self-aggrandizing behavior would in all probability lead him to gridlock the nation in 2013 the same way he gridlocked the congress in 1995. Gingrich-as-president would soon become a bore to Gingrich himself. He would be looking for ways to trigger “transformational” (one of his favorite goofy words) actions and “big deals,” all of which could probably speed up the decline and destruction of the United States as we know it. He would probably start a new war to become “a wartime president.”

TAKE FOURTEEN: President Richard Nixon had problems. While Nixon may have been the brightest man to serve as president in the last century, and he left behind a legacy of legislative and foreign policy accomplishments that will be viewed favorably, Nixon also engaged in self-destructive behavior in the Oval Office. Nixon’s inner demons, like Gingrich’s inner demons, destroyed Nixon because he could not deal with the stress of controlling his anti-social and hostile impulses.

Gingrich’s abusive treatment of women should frighten every Republican woman who is thinking of voting for him. Gingrich’s admitted sexual misconduct over the decades reflects contempt for women right into his 30’s and 40’s, a period in an adult’s life when his or her identity is normally well-established. Gingrich’s anti-social attitudes do not disappear just because he has “become a grandfather.” In fact the mendacity with which he still approaches the American people, telling them he was a “historian” for Freddie Mac, reflect that Gingrich is still lying about himself and still lying to himself.

TAKE FIFTEEN: The bottom line: Gingrich’s sexual misconduct is very persuasive evidence that his underlying personality structure is unstable and that he would make grandiose and self-destructive decisions if he were to be elected president. Because Gingrich is superficially intellectual, and appeals to people though the use of his “big words” and “big promises” and “big ideas,” he may be the most dangerous political figure in America today. He has already fooled many unsuspecting voters in 2011. Will he fool you?

You can take this psychological profile to the bank if Gingrich’s “amnesia carnival” for the White House extends into 2012. Gingrich is a “leader” who went right to the top of our government and then failed utterly when he was just a few steps from the presidency as Speaker of the U. S. House. He was removed from office by his own caucus.

TAKE SIXTEEN: Although we mistakenly believe we live in a media-saturated world there is actually less actionable information available today than there was in the recent past. The mainstream media are just as liberal as ever. But today we have “conservative media” (such as Fox News, which is not conservative at all, but simply mendacious) and “liberal media” (such as MSNBC) that program to the biases of their audiences. Because these “new media” outlets are intentionally biased and engaged in blatant “narrowcasting” to the prejudices of their potential viewers, people in Iowa or New Hampshire or South Carolina know very little concerning the disturbing facts that are exposed and disclosed about Gingrich in Washington.

The “local media” in early-voting states are also “uninforming” voters just as they have always done about national politics. The current “media memory” about Gingrich goes back about 90 days, while his misdeeds go back decades. In the case of a fatally flawed candidate such as Newt Gingrich the lack of adequate historical context and background information has fueled the Gingrich boomlet and allowed people to suspend any inquiry into his long and sordid history in pubic office.

TAKE SEVENTEEN: I am a candidate for president. I do not work for any other campaign, have no connection with any other campaign, and my views are solely my own. All of my critical information about candidates is produced by my internal campaign team. I am running because I believe we need a Republican presidential candidate with the proven “street smarts” to take on Barack Obama. Since I wrote the first column debunking Obama in 2004 I have continuously exposed and analyzed Obama’s unfitness for office. If you want a candidate with the experience and the fortitude to take on Obama hand-to-hand, I am the only presidential candidate that fits the bill.

If you don’t trust the other Republican presidential candidates, or don’t like them, take a chance and vote for me. At least you’ll get the “straight stuff” from my campaign. And, unlike Gingrich, who claims he wants to confront Obama in 2012 but was nowhere to be seen during the 2008 campaign when Obama was elected, I actually walk the walk as well as talking the talk.

You have a choice of candidates. Be aware. Be informed. Be critical. Go to my campaign web site for extensive information. If you do your due diligence as a voter I think you’ll agree I should be on your short list of candidates for consideration.

Newt Gingrich should not be on that list.

Note: We have renamed “Grinch Rich Week” as “Gingrich Week.” Gingrich Week may last more than a week because we have more than enough negative factual material to sustain a multi-week series of reports.


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