Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin asks Rush Limbaugh to revise “Sandra Fluke” remarks

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach, Florida news conference Saturday afternoon to announce that he has asked radio personality Rush Limbaugh to “revise his (Limbaugh’s) remarks” concerning law student Sandra Fluke. Andy says that “if present trends continue,” he could end up as the Republican Party’s only experienced presidential candidate at the Tampa Convention. Andy’s letter to Rush is part of this email/news release.

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Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin asks Rush Limbaugh to revise Limbaugh’s remarks concerning a Georgetown University law student

Andy says Rush’s claims concerning a link between sex and birth control pills is objectively erroneous

Andy says Rush has created an unnecessary distraction with Rush’s mistaken claims that birth control pills are being overused for sexual purposes

Andy also plans a New York City news conference about the “sex” controversy on Sunday afternoon, March 4th

(PALM BEACH, FL) (March 1, 2012) Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach news conference today, Saturday, March 3rd to
release a letter he has sent to Palm Beach radio personality Rush Limbaugh. The letter is self-explanatory:

Republican candidate for
President of the United States

Andy Martin, J.D.
Adjunct Professor of Law (ret.)
City University of New York

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March 3, 2011

Rush Limbaugh
1495 N. Ocean Boulevard
Palm Beach, FL 33480-1132

Dear Rush:

I am writing you as a Palm Beach-area neighbor and as a Republican presidential candidate to ask you to consider revising your remarks concerning the flakey Georgetown University Law Student Sandra Fluke.

I am a great admirer of yours, and a former competitor. In 2001-2002 I did a radio talk show in the Palm Beach area. I was even a caller/guest on your show in 1989. So we go way back. I have forty-four years of experience in radio and television so I can legitimately speak as a “voice of experience” when it comes to matters involving the media.

I will have more to say about Sandra Fluke in a New York City news conference Sunday afternoon. Today I would like to focus on why it is in your best interest to revise your remarks about her.

It seems to me in your exuberance to “out” a flake, Fluke, you may have said some things that validated Fluke instead of undermining her histrionic presentation to a rump committee of the House of Representatives.

You have been criticized on the left by Rachel Maddow (and others) for not being aware of how birth control functions. There may be some truth to that accusation. The types of “birth control pills” that are taken by prescription are not taken either before or after sexual activity. (There is a separate “morning after” pill.) In that sense, it appears your criticism that women are asking for more pills because of their excessive sexual activity is objectively mistaken. Hormonal birth control pills are taken on a regular schedule, usually daily, and a user does not take more or less pills based on sexual activity.

Moreover, it is also an objective medical fact that many birth control pills are prescribed for reasons having nothing to do with sexual activity. Birth control pills have many more applications that the commonly-referenced one.

I know that you wanted to focus on the distinction between what is appropriate constitutional action by the federal government and what is mere liberal posturing. I am afraid that some of your more salacious remarks may have confused the “reality” of birth control. Birth control pills as well as other birth control devices are freely available today and they should remain so. Women who use birth control are neither sluts nor prostitutes.

I disagree with Rick Santorum, who has expressed reservations about nonmarital sexual intimacy. Republicans should be defending the right to privacy for all adults. I do support President Kennedy’s “wall of separation” between church and state. Mr. Santorum is mistaken in bringing his personal religious beliefs into the presidential campaign. Santorum’s behavior has been unhelpful to the Republican Party’s effort to unseat President Obama.

As a lawyer, I have rarely used exaggerated language in the heat of the moment because excessive language is usually self-defeating, a fact that I impress on young lawyers who come to me for training and advice. I would extend the same counsel to Ms. Fluke.

Ms. Fluke appears to be a zealot, not a person who lacks access to birth control. She is a zealot for an imaginary and nonexistent problem. Unfortunately, your remarks about Fluke tend to place her in the role of a martyr, when she is nothing of the sort.

I wholeheartedly endorse the religious freedom of Georgetown University, a Roman Catholic institution, to refuse to provide birth control to the university’s students. While I do not agree with the church’s position on birth control, the church is entitled to its policy and that policy must be respected by the federal government. There is no question the church’s position is based on a good faith application of its theology. So in the words of the U. S. Supreme Court, when Fluke matriculated at Georgetown Law and started agitating for birth control pills she was an “activist seeking combat,” and not someone who was trying to satisfy an unmet medical need.

Your personal attacks on Fluke provided her with an extended platform she did not deserve.

I know that you are an “entertainer” and not a political operative, but your words resonate far beyond the four corners of your radio audience. While you do not have to take Republican presidential candidates into consideration, I humbly ask that you do so in deciding whether to revise your remarks.

What began as a 100% victory by the Republicans—forcing Obama to end state-mandated birth control services for religious institutions—is boomeranging because of uncoordinated leadership and conflicting tactics.

Somewhat jocularly, I can suggest that if “present tends continue,” I may end up as the nominee for president of the Republican Party. My esteemed opponents are so busy shooting themselves in the foot they will soon have no ammunition left, and no feet as well. Temperamentally and by experience I am far and away the Republicans’ best candidate. I think we beat Obama by concentrating on his political failures and not our own policy fissures.

So I am here to help. To the extent you generated publicity for your program, you have reached the point of diminishing returns; let us reason together how to revise your remarks about Fluke. If you want to handle the process alone, that’s fine. If you want me to come on your show to chat with you, just ask. Either way, please consider telling your audience that you may have misspoken about Ms. Fluke. There is no question that your linking “lots of sex” and taking birth control pills was mistaken. So that’s a good starting point.

Second, you can always move on to a “caller’s clinic” and explain the reality that your remarks are intended to be taken as entertainment, and to be provocative. You are just as entitled to engage in hyperbole as Ms. Fluke; in equating birth control with prostitution you overreached.

I will be holding a New York City news conference about Ms. Fluke on Sunday, and I will add some depth and dimension to an understanding of her delusions concerning birth control.

Together you and I can get the Republican party back on the road to victory in 2012.

Finally, I have a project for you to “investigate.” The answer could be entertaining. Given the mess in Syria and Iran, the deficit and congressional gridlock, where does President Obama have the time on his schedule to chat with law students about imaginary crises? We know Obama has always fancied himself (in his own imagination) as a tenured law professor when he was a contract lecturer at the University of Chicago. Let’s send him back to his chosen profession. I for one feel the president should be given an extended period of time and fuller opportunity to chat with Ms. Fluke, after January, 2013, when the president is out of office and has even more time on his hands.







Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin asks Rush Limbaugh to “revise his (Limbaugh’s) remarks” concerning birth control and “sluts and prostitutes”


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Saturday, March 3, 2012, 3:00 P.M.


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