Presidential Candidate Andy Martin exposes Jeanne M. Ives, a de facto dupe for Illinois Republican Party corruption

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin exposes the Chicago Crime Syndicate-dominated Illinois Republican Party behind the “conservative catnip” of anti-abortion, anti-tax and anti-government blather in state politics. Andy strips away the bark hiding increased political corruption in DuPage County and identifies Jeanne M. Ives as a dupe for Chicago media slickster Dan Proft. Andy identifies Proft as the de facto head of organized crime activity in the Illinois Republican Party.

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On March 20th, Republicans will go to the polls in Illinois; Andy Martin will focus from time-to-time on interesting races taking place “below the radar” in the sewers of Illinois politics

Andy Martin says Dan Proft is the de facto representative of organized crime in the Illinois Republican Party

Dan Proft is trying to elect Jeanne M. Ives as a state representative in suburban DuPage County, as Chicago hoods try to tear down and gain control over the last bastion of the Republican Party in Illinois

Andy says honorable Republicans should defeat Ives and run Dan Proft out of the party

(CHICAGO) (March 5, 2012) I went to the Illinois legislature as an intern in the 1965 General Assembly, forty-seven years ago. Legislators and courts had failed to reapportion the state so the state house ran “at large” in 1964, with each party fielding “bed sheet ballots” with 177 candidates (the legislature has since been downsized, a great loss to the state as a whole given the paltry savings which the downsizing generated).

In Springfield the Chicago Crime Syndicate or “Mafia,” locally known in Illinois as “The Outfit,” had its own state senators as well as a gaggle of General Assembly members. The Republican Party also had the “West Side Block,” which was a group of members who were elected as nominal Republicans in Chicago but who actually voted as crime syndicate stooges and de facto Democrats in Springfield.

Although the legislature was a cesspool of corruption, there were also shining lights in the war against gangster politics. Then-State Senator Paul Simon, who went on to national prominence, had been condemned by his own senators for writing an article detailing the extent of corruption in the Illinois legislature. Adlai Stevenson III was in his first term and acted as a front-man for reformers. Abner Mikva went on to a distinguished career in congress and the judiciary after being marked for extinction by organized crime elements in the Chicago Democratic Party. Leland Rayson, Bob Mann and Dan Pierce were reliable votes for reform.

My personal favorite was Representative Anthony Scariano. Scariano labored under the handicap of being an Italian-American and thus “presumably” under the thumb of “Italian” leaders, all of whom had to make their peace with The Outfit. Scariano never did. Tony Scariano was one of the most honest men to ever serve in Illinois politics, and he paid a high price for his integrity.

The Outfit was so powerful that when Scariano was up for appointment as a federal judge, hoodlums were able to block his nomination out of fear he would crusade again corruption from the federal bench. It was a sad day in Illinois politics when the Scariano nomination was shelved. (He later was elected to a state judgeship.)

Even the most honorable of men could be compromised. Fortunately for me, despite invitations to do so I have never sold out or buckled under to the crooks in either the Democratic or Republican parties.

While we call it the “Chicago” crime syndicate, most of the leading gangsters actually lived in the Cook County suburbs, or “townships,” which are outside Chicago proper but still part of the Cook County “machine.” As early as the Al Capone era in the 1920’s, the Town of Cicero had been Capone’s headquarters. Ninety years later, Cicero is still the headquarters of organized crime in Illinois.

And—no surprise—there are still gangsters and hoodlums in both parties. The hoodlum Pesek Brothers have made a fortune milking Cicero. One of these gangster brothers actually serves on a local school board. The Peseks are nominal Republicans and thus welcome in the party of Republican State Chairman Pat Brady.

Pat Brady worked briefly as a federal prosecutor but then crossed over to the corruption side of Illinois politics, where the real money is made. In reality Brady is now nothing more than a dupe for organized criminal activity (as he collects a fat paycheck from a nationally prominent “consulting” firm).

Sadly, the Illinois Republican Party is probably the most corrupt of the nation’s state parties. Another dubious “first” for Illinois. Barack Obama, anyone?

United States Senator Mark Kirk used to brag that he was Mayor Richard M. Daley’s favorite Republican; Kirk carried water for Daley in the U. S. House. No, Kirk is not a hoodlum or thug or speak with “dems” and “dose.” Kirk is merely a mousey fellow traveler who “got along” with organized crime because organized crime had the power to destroy him by exposing his closeted gay life.

Today the slick face of organized crime in the Republican Party is Chicago media huckster Dan Proft. Proft has made a fortune milking Cicero (see links below as a starting point; there are many more) for “public relations” services.

Proft is held in high esteem by the same “Republican Party leaders” who played ball for decades with Richard J. Daley and then his son Richard M. Daley. Proft is being lavishly funded by many of these same respectable “Republican” Chicago-based businessmen, some of whom may have no idea they are funneling cash into the Crime Syndicate. Or maybe they don’t want to know where their cash is really going. That’s the “Chicago Way.” Just ask Barack.

Proft is trying to elect Jeanne M. Ives as a state representative in Wheaton, Illinois (see link below). Ives in turn has been a Proft groupie for years. It’s hard to believe that someone as bright as Ives, a West Point graduate, doesn’t know she is being used, and will be used in Springfield if she is elected, to undermine Republican Party reformers who are trying to rid the state of crime syndicate politicians.

Ives says she is a “conservative” and no doubt she is feeding DuPage County ladies the usual right-wing catnip: “Pro-Life, lower taxes, less government, etc.” But Illinois has higher taxes and more government than almost any other state. Abortions? Don’t ask. So how’s that right-wing Republican catnip “working for ya” in Illinois?

A handful of political operators in both parties (called “The Combine” by some media observers) continue to enrich themselves while the People of Illinois are increasingly impoverished and the state is bankrupt.

Can Jeanne M. Ives be stopped? We will find out on March 20th. If Ives wins the primary, Illinois and Illinois Republicans will be the losers.

In closing, let offer this ironclad disclaimer. I have never spoken with any of Ives’ opponents, and am not supporting any one of them. I just know Dan Proft; after forty-six years I know organized crime in Illinois, and I know Jeanne M. Ives is a de facto dupe for The Outfit as it seeks to extend its tentacles into DuPage County.

Here’s hoping DuPage voters do the right thing and overwhelmingly reject Ives for state representative.

COMING NEXT IN ILLINOIS: The “Midgetman” is the latest stooge for corrupt politics in Illinois. And he’s being supported by—no surprise—Pat Brady and his stable of reliable stooges and closeted gay men in an intra-party battle to stave off political reform.

P.S. If I may insert a political “commercial” for my own campaign, I am the only Republican presidential candidate with a history of fighting corruption in politics and government. America today is corrupt to the core. Our congress is corrupt and our business establishment is corrupt, which is why we had an economic collapse over the past several years. We have a crime syndicate “front” in the White House.

I am ready to reform our great nation. Are Americans ready to rebel? I have forty-seven years of experience ferreting out and fighting crooked politics. Republicans can still “broker” me into the nomination at the Tampa Convention. Could I do a worse job as a presidential candidate than the liberal media’s remaining “Four Musketeers?” Four sure losers. Ultimately, when corruption flourishes, America and Americans are the losers. The proof is all around us.

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