PART II: Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin exposes MORE Jeanne M. Ives DuPage County corruption

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin continues to expose the sleazy operators behind Jeanne M. Ives’ facade of “ethics” and independence” in Ives’ campaign for the Illinois General Assembly. The facts reflect Ives is neither ethical nor independent. Ives is linked to some of the sleaziest operators in the conservative Christian community. You be the judge. As President Ronald Reagan once suggested, “Facts are stubborn things.”

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On March 20th, Republicans will go to the polls in Illinois; Andy Martin focuses on interesting primary races taking place “below the radar” in the sewers of Illinois politics

Andy Martin says Jeanne M Ives is linked to the worst elements of Illinois Christian politics

Andy says Ives is a liar when she claims she is “independent;” Ives is linked to “Family Fraud” artist Paul Caprio and sleazy failed attorney Patrick Hughes. Hughes went from a Mark Kirk “opponent” to a Mark Kirk lackey in the course of just a few hours

(CHICAGO) (March 6, 2012) Candidates for public office always present their personal histories in a favorable light. That’s OK. That’s part of the process.

But when a candidate blatantly lies, that’s a big red warning sign that something is amiss. Jeanne M. Ives has big red signs signaling “caution” over her candidacy. Be warned.

Ives says on her video she is an “ethical person” (look at the video on her web site). If Ives is an ethical person why does she hang around with some of the sleaziest, most unethical people in Illinois politics? Dan Proft? Paul Caprio? Patrick Hughes? These men not only are not ethical; they are positively sleazy. And creepy. And they are Ives’ biggest supporters.

In 2009 Caprio came to my attention when he conducted a “screening” for a “conservative candidate” to run against “liberal” Mark Kirk in the 2010 U. S. Senate primary. Caprio set up “hearings” and presentations and whatnots. Caprio recruited a series of suckers for his “evaluations” by flattering them as potential “senate candidates.”

The only problem? Caprio was already on Patrick Hughes’ payroll, for $10,000 in cash. Caprio didn’t tell anyone he was on Hughes’ payroll when he conducted his bogus evaluation meetings that—presto!–found Hughes to be the best candidate. In other words, Caprio was presenting himself to the public and his fellow religious rightists as an impartial and independent evaluator when he was taking cold cash from one of the people he was supposedly “reviewing.”

When the truth about Caprio’s fraudulent “evaluation” and endorsement process came out, a lot of Christian conservatives were irritated and embarrassed. Suckerrrrs. The participants who were told they were evaluating the “candidates” looked like jerks, and they were, falling for Caprio’s cheap trick. Well, not so cheap trick. $10,000 in cash trick. If you don’t believe me, ask one of the religious conservatives that was duped by Caprio and Hughes. Or ask one of the “candidates” that was suckered by Caprio and Hughes.

Caprio is one of the biggest and most blatant “Family Fraud” artists who exploit religious conservatives by playing them for idiots. He clams to operate a series of political committees (PACs) but in reality these PACs are just used to funnel money into Caprio’s pockets in exchange for “endorsements” and “evaluations.” (You can check public records to see how little Caprio has handed out to candidates.)

So who is Caprio rating as “highly qualified” this time? Why Jeanne Ives of course. Ives’ friends posted their own story on a Trib local bulletin board (link below) announcing Caprio’s latest evaluation, of Ives, as “highly qualified.” What did Ives pay for that endorsement? (Ives may not have paid directly, but Caprio always gets paid directly or indirectly. After all, Caprio’s livelihood is being a political scam artist and preying on the religious right. No doubt Dan Proft and his litter train of similar PACs could also be in on the payoff.)

How “independent” is Ives when she is linked to the sleaziest elements of the Christian community, the absolute dregs who use and abuse religion to prey on people while they line their own pockets with dirty pieces of silver? And they call themselves “Christians.” Well, Jesus did warn about people like that. He called them serpents.

Who else is supporting Ives? Why failed attorney Patrick Hughes, who left his law practice to become a remodeling contactor while living off his wife’s earnings. (Hughes calls himself an “investor” and “developer” but no one ever found any “developments” except dilapidated buildings he was rehabbing.)

Hughes became a laughingstock candidate when he claimed to be “endorsed” by Mike Ditka, at a time when Ditka was dead drunk and had no idea what he was saying. Hughes’ “endorsement” was such a joke even Mark Kirk media groupie Carol Marin fronted a column for Kirk ridiculing Hughes.

Hughes also managed to bamboozle senile businessman Jack Roeser, who announced he was supporting Hughes. But after providing some initial cash to Hughes Roeser was so embarrassed he dumped Hughes and eventually handed $75,000 in cash to Mark Kirk through the Illinois Republican Party.

Hughes’ supporters later demanded that other qualified candidates withdraw so Hughes could “win” the primary. Hughes lost, of course.

Hughes’ next step was instructive. After saying Kirk was no good, Hughes immediately turned around and endorsed Kirk and became a lackey for Kirk. Kirk, of course, is an extreme liberal (pro-abortion, higher taxes, etc.) masquerading in a Republican’s clothing. So in the course of a few hours Hughes morphed from claiming he was a Christian conservative to being a supporter of a pro-abortion senate candidate. Only a failed lawyer could even attempt that kind of gymnastics.

If you fell for Hughes’ lies in 2009-2010, as many gullible Christian conservative did, anyone Hughes now endorses should be viewed with extreme suspicion.

So who is Hughes now endorsing? No surprise there. Ives, of course (link below).

Ives is “independent” all right. She is independent of the facts, independent of the truth and independent of any links to any ethical people in Illinois politics. Mike Royko used to say, “If you lie down with dogs, expect to get fleas.” Jeanne Ives is lying down with an awful lot of sleazy bogus Christian hucksters and fraud artists. If you vote for her, don’t be surprised when she turns bad real fast. The warning signs are there to be seen. Ives is already covered with fleas.

Don’t take my word for any of this. Just ask the people who were burned by Dan Proft and Paul Caprio and Patrick Hughes in their 2009-2010 scams. The facts are the facts.

Maybe Ives is just another sucker for Proft, Caprio and Hughes. But Ives claims to be a “tough guy” so she should be measured by her own metric. It looks like Ives is a liar and political fraud. Come to think of it, she might do fine in Springfield. Tom Cross will welcome her. But that’s another story. Don’t get me started.


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