Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim? Well, Yes and No

New York-based Independent Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin responds to the latest Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll showing Alabama and Mississippi Republicans overwhelmingly believe President Obama is a Muslim. In 2004 Andy held the original news conference and was the first to write about Obama’s Muslim origins. Since then, Andy has been the most effective—and balanced—columnist and candidate addressing Obama’s religious beliefs. In response, Obama’s surrogates have waged a relentless smear campaign against Andy. Andy is conducting a Washington conference on Obama March 30-31, and leaves for Honolulu May 1st to continue his investigation into Obama’s origins. Andy is currently researching and writing his second book on Obama, “The Search for Obama.” ©

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Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin comments on the latest “Obama is a Muslim” controversy

(NEW YORK) (March 13, 2012) New York-based Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin comments on the latest media coverage of the claim President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim:

Eight years ago [2004] I held a New York news conference to release the results of my international search for information on then-State Senator Barack Hussein Obama’s family origins. By general agreement (see DailyKos link below) my news conference and my subsequent writing became the starting point of the “Obama is a Muslim” belief movement.

Monday evening (March 12th] Washington-New York media manipulators were in high dudgeon when a poll of Alabama and Mississippi Republican voters indicated that Republicans still overwhelmingly believed President Obama is a Muslim (see NY Daily News link below).(Question: Why does PPP never poll Democratic Party voters on Obama’s “Muslim issue?” The reason is obvious.)

Last month I announced my annual scholarly symposium on Obama’s origins (see National Conference blog below) and May 1st I leave for my next investigatory trip to Honolulu. I will be searching for facts about Obama, as well as evidence to support my theory that Obama is the biological son of Frank Marshall Davis.

In response to my writing and investigation over the past eight years Obama has relentlessly tried to harass and smear me. Chris Hayes, an obscure Washington writer, made his media career attacking me as the mastermind of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Hayes is now on MSNBC. In 2008 Obama unleashed his “genius” Danielle Allen to suggest she had “found” me (see Washington Post link below).

After my bestselling book in 2008 focused continuing attention on Obama’s obscure family history (see book information below) Obama panicked. In a desperate attempt to defeat the “Muslim rumors” (YouTube link below) Obama sent his press secretary Robert Gibbs on national television. Gibbs falsely accused me of being anti-Semitic based on a thirty year-old lawsuit.

Unable to defeat me with his lies, Obama then flew to Honolulu to attack my investigation. At least that is what many people believed (see American-Daughter link below, at the bottom of the postings). The Hawai’i governor’s office was flooded with faxes making similar accusations. I had nothing to do with stirring up any of those claims.

I also produced a short film on Obama. You can view it at my campaign web site as well as the site listed below. I think you will find it is an objective presentation.

Recently Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Obama’s “birth certificate” may be a forgery (see link below).

Based on the Public Policy Polling poll I once again find my research on Obama and myself personally near the center of the 2012 presidential election campaign. Fasten your seat belts.

So what are the facts? Let’s strip away the media’s lies and deal only with the facts and the truth. In am only interested in searching for the truth and finding the facts about President Obama (which is precisely why he dislikes me so intensely).

1. The man President Obama claims is his father, Barack Hussein Obama, was a Muslim. President Obama’s putative father was born a Muslim, in Kenya, and he died a Muslim, in Kenya. All of the Kenyan “relatives” President Obama has claimed as “family” are Muslims.

2. Under Muslim theology, religion is transmitted by the father, not the mother. A father’s son automatically becomes a Muslim at birth. President Obama became a Muslim at birth.

3. In America, we are free to believe what we want to believe. No one can make us believe something we do not want to believe. People change their religions all the time. So despite Muslim theology, Obama was free to change his religion at any time after he reached the age of 18. (He does not appear to have been raised in a religious home in Honolulu during his teen years.)

4. There is no currently-available documentary record of Obama’s religious activity from the age of 18 until he met and married Michelle Robinson in Chicago. Obama says he converted to Christianity at Trinity United Church of Christ. I have asked Trinity United Church for copies of his baptismal records and been denied access. Obama has never provided any. Baptism is the only road to becoming a Christian. Why is Obama hiding his baptismal records? Trinity is part of the United Church of Christ, a mainline protestant denomination. Mainline churches usually keep detailed baptismal records. Do Obama’s exist?

5. There is no doubt that Obama attended Trinity United for many years. His membership at Trinity became controversial because of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s controversial sermons.

6. There are all kinds of Christians. I have been an usher at various Episcopal churches for thirty years. Some people I see every week and some people only appear at Christmas and Easter. There is no “one size fits all” for Christianity. If you initially have been baptized.

7. The religion of our presidents has always been observed closely. Some presidents attend church, and some do not.

8. In 2009 Obama said he was going to “look for a church” in Washington, DC. In three years of “looking,” Obama has yet to “find” a church in the nation’s capital. In reality Obama has almost never attended church in Washington, and does so only when his religion becomes an issue. Every time there is some media controversy about Obama’s religion, on the next Sunday you can find him in Church. Expect to see him in church next Sunday.

9. While all of the facts surrounding the Obama family’s private life are not public, there have been suggestions he and Michelle do not celebrate Christmas by giving gifts, and that they do celebrate Muslim holidays. Celebrating Muslim events itself is not controversial; President George W. Bush did some of the same.

10. Whether it is true or not that Obama ignores Christian holidays and favors Muslim observances (and that is one of the subjects for our extended Washington, DC conference/symposium on March 30-31), the appearance the public sees in the White House is that Obama is not religious and that he is pro-Muslim in his policies.

11. Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning polling firm, publishes a continuing series of its “Obama-is-a-Muslim” “polls.” PPP published a similar “Muslim” poll about South Carolina voters. PPP is obviously trying to keep the “Muslim issue” in the forefront the 2012 election. Why? And who is encouraging PPP to keep taking these “polls” about Obama’s religion? Is it possible Obama is behind the polls? I would not be surprised. That’s why PPP never polls Southern Democrats about their beliefs on Obama’s religion.

12. On a political level I like to badger Obama, calling him “Barry” (his original name in Hawai’i) and hammering him on his failed leadership. I was the first person to call Obama a socialist on national television (see Hannity below). But on a scholarly level—I was trained in the tradition of scholarly research—I am scrupulously honest and impartial as I continue to search for the truth about Obama’s origins.

13. Unlike some of Obama’s enemies, who have propounded bizarre and unsubstantiated theories, I have carefully kept to the facts as I have discovered them. My “theories” are carefully labeled separately as theories, and are not presented as facts. Clearly, I am only seeking the truth about Obama, and that seems to drive him mad. Obama seemingly can deal with the lies his opponents concoct; he can’t deal with the truth and the facts I provide.

14. Whether you agree with me or disagree with my views and my research, Obama has undoubtedly gone to great lengths to personally attack me and to besmirch my reputation. Why does he pay so much attention to me? Although the Hannity program on which I appeared became the most controversial TV segment of the 2008 presidential campaign, and Robert Gibbs suggested I was the “center” of the show in his counterattack (both segments below), I was only one of many critics. Obama also orchestrated a front-page attack on me in the New York Times as well as other attacks. Obama’s operatives constantly try to undermine my current “Draft Horse, not Dark Horse” presidential campaign. Why is Obama’s organization obsessed with me?

15. So what’s the bottom line? Is Obama a Muslim? Or is he a Christian? There is no question Obama was born a Muslim. And most people believe he has favored the Muslim religion since moving into the White House. That is the source of the continuing concerns of Alabama and Mississippi voters. On the other hand, Obama says he is a Christian, though he has never provided any baptismal records or Baptismal Certificate. So there is no doubt that under American religious practices he is a nominal Christian even though he does not seem to be an active Christian. Where the facts are mixed, and the evidence in conflicting, voters are entitled to draw their own conclusions. And apparently they have.

[Note: I have provided an unusually detailed series of links below because Obama’s Muslim heritage is obviously a controversial political issue in the 2012 campaign. It is not going away. The following links allow you to dig more deeply into the history of this issue. You are also welcome to be added to our mailing list, to attend our conference in Washington on March 30-31 and to join me in Hawai’i starting May 1st. Research and writing on “The Search for Obama,”© the title of my new book, continues in Honolulu. If you have evidence or information about Obama’s family history, or his links to Frank Marshall Davis, or anyone else, or information about his college files, please contact me in confidence.]

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