Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin: Al Sharpton hijacking of NBC News is disgraceful

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference today, Thursday afternoon, to condemn the hijacking of NBC News by racial agitator Al Sharpton. Andy says that NBC News has literally made a “pact with the devil” by allowing Sharpton to use the resources of NBC to disseminate Sharpton’s racial paranoia and hostility. Andy demands changes at NBC News and every news organization that has allowed the distinction between news and commentary to slipslide. Martin says Sharpton’s abuses in the Trayvon Martin tragedy are undermining public credibility in every news organization, and boomeranging on NBC!

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Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin says NBC News has been hijacked by Al Sharpton

Andy says NBC News is undermining the credibility of all mainstream media, not just NBC News, by allowing Sharpton to destroy the distinction between news and agitation

Andy says the NBC News/ cable channel confusion needs to be addressed


(NEW YORK) (March 29, 2012) Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference today, Thursday, March 29th to condemn the hijacking of NBC News by Al Sharpton.

Andy later heads for Washington to conduct the Fourth National Conference on Barack Obama on Friday and Saturday (see link below).

“I have always had a sweet spot in my heart for NBC Television. Bill Corley at NBC News gave me my first job offer after college (which I turned down). NBC was the first network I affiliated with when I owned my TV station. NBC paid me well to run one of my TV commercials. So I am not in the least bit hostile to NBC or NBC News. Quite the contrary. My comments today are more in sadness than in anger.

“I deplore the way Al Sharpton has hijacked the good name and integrity of NBC News to conduct his own self-serving racial crusades on MSNBC.

“Let me start with the obvious. News is news and opinion is opinion. While there is room for some ‘bleed,’ and network newscasts have occasionally featured opinion segments, ultimately the credibility of any ‘news’ organization must be determined by its own independence and integrity. Sharpton’s antics are destroying NBC News’ reputation.

“When Sharpton’s appointment to MSNBC was announced there was concern about Sharpton’s past. In addition, the contract between Sharpton and NBC seemed to create an inherent conflict between Sharpton’s role as a commentator and his role as an agitator.

“Now that Sharpton is being included in election-night news coverage by MSNBC his bifurcated role is becoming even more of an embarrassment. Sharpton has no journalistic credentials and no ethical standards. I will ‘defend to the death’ Sharpton’s right to express his opinions. On the other hand, using Sharpton in the context of ‘news’ is disgraceful and self-destructive for NBC.

“The Sharpton/NBC conflict has created a mess in Sanford, Florida where the murder of Trayvon Martin is playing out.

“I do not usually watch Sharpton’s show on MSNBC, though I do monitor other MSNBC programs to see what the socialist left is thinking and saying. I have been watching Sharpton during the Trayvon Martin tragedy out of concern for Sharpton’s racial agitation and profiteering.

“Last week and this week Sharpton raped NBC News.

“Sharpton moved his program to Sanford last week, began creating his own demonstrations, and then started covering his own self-promoting events (more on this issue in Part Two). How can NBC be independent and impartial when it is ‘covering’ events created by one of its own employees? This is news coverage?

“How can any NBC newsperson ‘cover’ Al Sharpton when he has appropriated the network’s facilities to cover himself? It’s a joke. Can an NBC News report say ‘Sharpton’s claims are a crock?’ Of course not. NBC has locked itself into Sharpton’s version of events. (Not surprisingly, ABC News has been beating NBC on the Trayvon story.)

“This week I watched Sharpton on Tuesday night (27th). He started spreading paranoia (from his mother’s funeral no less; the man has no shame) that there was some sinister conspiracy involving the appointment of a special prosecutor by Florida Governor Rick Scott. While Sharpton was spreading his paranoia and race-baiting, Trayvon’s own lawyers were praising the appointment of a special prosecutor on another MSNBC show.

“Sharpton constantly mentions that he is standing by for ‘breaking news,’ to falsely associate his program with news coverage instead of the racial profiteering scam that he offers the public. If Sharpton is being used by NBC to ‘break news,’ then NBC News is broken.

“Misuse of a respectable (though liberally inclined) news organization would be a serious matter at any time. But Sharpton’s misuse of NBC and MSNBC is particularly acute when he is using his program to spread racial hostility and paranoia involving a highly-charged criminal case.

“I call on NBC News and MSNBC to initially take the following steps.

“First, ideally, NBC should end the confusion and conflict between the web site, which is a legitimate extension of NBC News, and MSNBC, which is primarily known as a carrier of opinion programs. A name change for MSNBC the cable channel would be the best solution.

“Second, to the extent that there is continuing misrepresentation by Sharpton (and possibly others) about their ‘breaking news’ role, NBC News should preclude Sharpton and other hosts from making references to ‘breaking news’ in any aspect of their own opinion shows. Their programs should start with a disclaimer ‘This program is not a production of NBC News and the opinions and information expressed herein are solely the responsibility of the host and independent cable channel MSNBC (or new name).’

“Shepherd Smith often states on his program that the news is ‘brought to you by the journalists of Fox News,’ to separate his program from the opinion that follows. Good for Shep.

“The dividing line between news and opinion is not always clear but the demarcation needs to be made clearer for all cable channels. The ‘news briefs’ which the cable channels offer may need to be upgraded and more clearly delineated.

“Third, election coverage should be separated into ‘news’ portions and ‘opinion’ segments. Sharpton and others should not be part of a ‘news’ segment.

“Fourth, Sharpton’s contract should either be terminated or revised to preclude him from covering his own events on MSNBC. The idea that Sharpton is ginning up racial paranoia and hostility and promoting his drivel as ‘news’ is an indictment of the entire news industry. When Sharpton is allowed to prance around and make a joke of independent news sources and reporting, every newspaper and every news organization suffers. ABC has been beating NBC in Sanford precisely because ABC is not seen as an adjunct of Sharpton’s racial propaganda machine.

“More to come.”



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says NBC News has been hijacked by racial agitator Al Sharpton


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