Republican presidential candidate Andy Martin says Senator Mark Kirk must appear in public or resign

Saying that U.S. Senator Mark Kirk has become a “stealth senator,” Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Thursday, April 12th to demand that Kirk either appear in public and confirm that he can discharge the duties of his office or resign. Martin will give Kirk a deadline of June 5th to appear, resign or face a lawsuit to declare the senator’s office vacant.

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Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin says “Stealth Senator” Mark Kirk cannot continue to hide from the public; Kirk must appear in public or resign from office

Andy says reports of Kirk’s latest military fantasies indicate Kirk’s earlier mental illness is still with him

Andy says he is preparing to file suit to declare Kirk’s senate office vacant, so voters can elect a new U. S. Senator in November if kirk fails to appear in public

(CHICAGO) (APRIL 12, 2012) Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin will tell a Chicago news conference Thursday, April 12th that Senator Mark Kirk must either appear in public or face a lawsuit seeking to declare his public office vacant. Andy says Kirk’s reliance on the medical histories of other injured public officials is misplaced and inapplicable to the duties of a U. S. Senator responsible for the interests for almost thirteen million Illinois citizens.

“Senator Mark Kirk had my sincere sympathy when he suffered a catastrophic medical emergency” Martin says. “With his latest attempt to insult our intelligence and to boast of imaginary exploits in the Navy, Kirk has lost most of my sympathy and respect. I believe that all of us initially wished him a speedy recovery and a prompt return to his public office. But I have viewed with increasing concern the charade being conducted by Kirk and his staff. The first sign that something was wrong was when Southern Illinois’ child-abusing Congressman John Shimkus ‘appeared’ after ‘speaking with Kirk’ and stated that Kirk was ‘recovering.’ (link below)

“Shimkus was part and parcel of the Dennis Hastert/Mark Kirk/Mark Foley/John Shimkus child abuse scandal in 2006 in the House of Representatives that cost Republicans their House majority. John Shimkus is a congressional conniver. I do not trust Shimkus.

“When Shimkus stated (link blow) that Kirk and he discussed the ‘weapons qualification test [Kirk] took led by a Navy Seal. [Kirk] griped about the ungodly amount of rounds he had to send downrange over a two day period,’ I realized I had seen this movie before.

“Mark Kirk has had longstanding psychiatric problems. He lives a very rich fantasy life. He has related imaginary battles in which he participated in Afghanistan to gullible Chicago media; has awarded himself imaginary medals, and has engaged in a pattern of military fraud unprecedented in the history of any member of congress since ‘Tail Gunner Joe’ McCarthy. Kirk has claimed to be ‘serving’ in Afghanistan, which is disgraceful form of stolen valor, even though I confirmed in writing from the Navy Department the Navy had no records of any such service (link below at “I was not the only one to perceive Kirk’s serial lies as a mental problem (see Washington Monthly – two links below).

“Chicago’s corrupt and bankrupt media carried Mark Kirk’s lies to the voting public twice, both in the 2010 Republican primary and 2010 general election. It took the Washington Post to expose the mendacity of media in Chicago (links below). Local media were reluctantly forced to admit they had been bamboozled. The Chicago Sun-Times has since scrubbed its web page of unflattering stories about Kirk. The Washington Post continues to falsely refer to Kirk as a ‘Navy pilot,’ (link below), which is another Kirk lie.

“Since becoming a senator, Kirk has continued to lie about his ‘military service’ in Afghanistan.

“It appears that Kirk is playing us for suckers again. For the past three months we have seen a continuing chorus of ‘meetings’ and ‘statements’ offering vague claims Kirk is ‘recovering.’ But no formal medical reports and no appearance in public by Kirk.

“I hesitated to raise this issue because I knew it would be considered controversial. I originally planned to make a statement in March, but stalled until April. Luckily for me, Greg Hinz of Crain’s Chicago Business finally blew the lid off Kirk’s latest scam (link below). Rick Miller’s has also received comments (link below).

“When Hinz asked about Kirk’s medical condition on Wednesday, after Kirk held another bogus news conference using Congressman Randy Hultgren as a stooge, Kirk’s staff said the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago would respond to inquiries. Another lie. The Rehab Institute must respect medical privacy. Only Kirk can release his records (instead of lullabies from his political cronies) and Kirk has refused to do so. So Kirk is fooling the people once again, and the bogus Chicago lamestream media are playing along once again.

“What are the facts? First, Kirk’s reliance on similar congressional medical emergencies is misplaced. Senator Tim Johnson represented a tiny state when he had a stroke, not a complex state in the heart of the nation’s commercial corridor. Congresswoman Gabriele Giffords was ultimately forced to step down to continue her rehabilitation. She was only responsible for a single district.

“Illinois citizens are being denied a voice in congress. Illinois voters who elected Kirk are being represented by Senator Richard Durbin. The Democrats are delighted to have one less Republican vote in the senate.

“This latest Kirk charade has to end.

“I am sending Kirk a letter and advising him that unless he appears in public before June 5th and indicates an ability to perform the duties of his office I will file suit to declare the office vacant so voters in November can elect a senator who can serve. It’s as simple and straightforward as that. I am affording Kirk another six weeks to come up to speed.

“Kirk has been a congenital fraud since his political career began. It appears his latest fraud is fooling the Illinois public into believing he is ‘coming back,’ when there is a high probability he is not coming back, or cannot come back with sufficient strength and vigor to represent thirteen million people.

“Kirk’s office is a public office and a public trust. He is not a private citizen working for a private business, where the rules of engagement would be looser. Kirk is treating us as though we work for him, instead of acknowledging he works for us and may no longer be capable of doing the job. The link shows there is a lively controversy about this; now we must take the issue to Kirk and demand that he either put up or shut up and resign.

“As unpleasant as this task is, I have started the wheels in motion to declare Kirk’s senate seat vacant, and to call for a new senate election,” Martin will state. “Kirk owes the People of Illinois the truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth. Fat chance.”



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Senator Mark Kirk must appear in public or resign


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