BULLETIN: GOP presidential candidate Andy Martin reacts to the CNN presidential candidates’ debate

GOP presidential candidate and media analyst Andy Martin watched the CNN debate Wednesday. With forty-seven years of television experience Andy offers his informed opinions on issues which you may not see developed and discussed in the mainstream media.  Read what he has to say and see if you agree with him.

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GOP presidential candidate Andy Martin provides his insight and analysis on the CNN debate


In the fifth of his “Letters From the 2016 Presidential Campaign” Andy offers his reactions to the CNN presidential debate


Andy has some interesting and independent observations on the CNN presidential candidates’ debate in California – see if you agree

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(Miami) (September 17, 2015) Dear American:

I’ve been a little quiet for a few days. We’re down in Miami creating a “war room” to defeat Jeb Bush for the presidential nomination. More to come later.

I watched the presidential candidates’ debate Wednesday night. Here are some reactions you may not see in the mainstream media; they are presented in the form of short bullets so we could get them out quickly:

  1. Donald Trump needs a debate coach

Donald Trump is a physically big man. Wednesday night he was slouched over his lectern. He often makes unhelpful facial gestures, as though he was unaware that he is continuously on camera. Physical posture is terribly important in a debate format. Jeb Bush and Trump are similar in size but Trump looked smaller on stage because of his poor posture. While Trump may believe the “rules” of politics do not apply to him, I am here to tell El Trumpo that the “laws of television,” which I popularized in 2008, do apply to him. Appearance is everything, which Trump, as an experienced television performer, should know. His poor posture and gestures detract from the power of his presence. Body language has a significant subliminal impact on viewers. Trump needs someone to coach him on his appearance (which is generally very good) and he also needs to be more prepared on the issues. He doesn’t need to know the names of obscure Middle East people; but he has to have a more substantial approach to “making us great again.”

Trump also made a blooper Tuesday night when someone on his team announced a “foreign policy” speech and he failed to deliver. If he cries wolf too often, media will stop paying attention.

  1. Carly Fiorina’s face

Somewhere between two and three million people watch cable TV on the average night. Probably thirty million people tuned in for the CNN debate. So twenty-seven million people had little awareness of Donald Trump’s caustic comments about Fiorina’s “face” in, of all places, Rolling Stone magazine. I am sure Trump regrets making the boneheaded remarks. But people viewing only the debate must have been mystified what the “face debate” was all about. Maybe Trump has learned his lesson this time, maybe not. He is free to strike hard blows on his opponents, but he inflicts foul blows at his own peril. Meanwhile, the “face debate” has probably been put to rest.

  1. CNN has changed political debates forever

The CNN debate was exciting to watch. It was great television. Cable TV bobbleheads were predicting the 11 candidates would be too unwieldy a group to manage. Jake Tapper did a masterful job. CNN has set a new standard for presidential debates. I don’t think media competitors can go back to the boring talking head-candidate format in the future.

  1. Carly did well, but I remain skeptical

The liberal media types were profusely praising Fiorina after the debate. One of the commentators on CNN noted, however, that she failed to smile. I also found her appearance slightly cold and a bit hard for TV. She also needs a debate coach. Fiorina is a bright person and she is always well prepared. But she still has a bit too much of the demeanor of a business executive and not that of the TV performer she must be to win over the viewing audience. I remain skeptical on Fiorina although she had a good night Wednesday.

  1. Bill O’Reilly nailed the Trump issue

After the debate I watched a smidgen of Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly understands Trump in a way other media types do not. O’Reilly clearly told Carl Rove, “Trump changed the agenda of the campaign.” Trump has not only changed the course of the campaign, he has probably changed the course of American history. A “pathway to citizenship” is dead for illegal immigrants. Higher taxes for hedge fund types? They are now a bipartisan issue. Trump has exploded the chokehold which the “no taxes” lobby in the Republican Party has held over public policy for decades. Wait and see. I can’t say whether Trump will win or lose or what. It’s too early. But I am confident Trump has changed the trajectory of politics and government for the foreseeable future. Whatever his other limitations, Trump has become a transformational force.

  1. The candidates flubbed the George W. Bush issue

Jeb Bush is still defending his brother. The other candidates flubbed the George W. Bush “issue.” Jeb said his brother “kept us safe.” That is simply wrong. Jeb’s claim is grossly wrong.

First, after 9/11 GWB diverted resources from pursuing Osama Bin Laden to bulk up for the insane invasion of Iraq. Second, GWB invaded Iraq, which I also opposed, and unnecessarily created a shambles in the Middle East, empowering Iran in the process. (For new readers, you may not be aware I not only opposed GWB, I predicted in 1999 he would start a war with Iraq. I lived in Baghdad a good part of 2003 and provided early warnings about the gathering storm, at a time when GWB was crowing “Mission Accomplished.” Finally, GWB, not Obama, was the one who worked out the irrational withdrawal schedule for Iraq. Obama was only too happy to default to Bush’s timetable. President Obama’s defense (to his own incompetence) is always that GWB was the one who signed the agreements withdrawing from Iraq. Obama is right. GWB was the one who falsely believed he had “succeeded” when his grand failure was still to be revealed in the future. George W. Bush did not “keep us safe” as Jeb falsely suggests. GWB has endangered this nation for a generation, or longer. GWB was the second worst president in US history (after, of course, Obama). GWB’s incompetence will haunt future presidents for decades.

  1. Andy takes a bow – the mainstream media catch up with him

Way back on August 26th I observed that Trump’s demeanor had changed, and he was on his way to being a presidential candidate and maybe even a president. (See link [1] below.) Wednesday the New York Times (link [2] below) caught up with my analysis and also observed that Trump had changed. Wednesday night on MSNBC Washington Post writer Robert Costa also observed the change in Trump’s campaign approach. I like to say that we have “over the horizon” radar at http://www.ContrarianCommentary.com. And we have a long track record of predicting events — days, weeks, months and sometimes even years in advance. Keep reading our “Letters” for an “over the horizon” view of the developing presidential campaign. As a candidate, analyst and writer we’ve got you covered.

Finally, just because you don’t hear from me from time to time, that doesn’t mean I am in a “low-energy” state. I am working tirelessly to defeat Jeb Bush as payback for the irreparable damage his family has done to this nation over the past several decades. The Bush family has enriched itself while impoverishing the United States and providing disastrous leadership. Jeb Bush must be demolished.


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One author has called Andy Martin the “big kahuna” of the anti-[Barack] Obama movement. Another said “Andy Martin is revolutionizing journalism… [Andy] brings to online journalism what Rush Limbaugh [brings] to radio or Michael Moore to film: sleek little stories that fit into larger political narratives…” Another says, “The only American journalists that are ‘standing UP’ [to Obama] are, Andy Martin…”


Andy Martin is a legendary New Hampshire, New York and Chicago-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, talk television pioneer, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. With forty-seven years of background in radio and television and with five decades of investigative and analytical experience in Washington, the USA and around the world, Andy provides insight on politics, foreign policy, intelligence and military matters. For a full bio, go to: www.AndyMartin.com; also see http://www.boycottabc.com/executive_director.htm

Andy has also been a leading corruption fighter in American politics and courts for over forty-five years and is executive director of the National Anti-Corruption Policy Institute. See also www.FirstRespondersOnline.us; www.AmericaisReadyforReform.com.

He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).

He is the author of “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” [www.OrangeStatePress.com] and produced the Internet film “Obama: The Hawaii’ Years” [www.BoycottHawaii.com]. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” blogging at www.contrariancommentary.wordpress.com and www.ContrarianCommentary.com.

Andy’s family immigrated to Manchester, New Hampshire 100 years ago; today his home overlooks the Merrimack River and he lives around the corner from where he played as a small boy. He is New Hampshire’s leading corruption fighter and Republican Party reformer.

Andy’s columns are also posted at ContrarianCommentary.blogspot.com ContrarianCommentary.wordpress.com
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© Copyright by Andy Martin 2015 – All Rights Reserved

About Andy Martin

Although Andy resides in Manchester, New Hampshire today, where he is the state's leading corruption fighter (details: www.AndyMartin.com) he has spent decades fighting corruption in Chicago and nationally. He is the Executive Editor and publisher of ContrarianCommentary.com. E-mail: AndyMart20@aol.com. Media contact: (347) 960-9593. Andy is one of America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analyst.s He is a Middle East expert who is Executive Director of the Revolutionary War Research Center. He has spent over 50 years in and out of Asia and the Middle East and during much of 2003 lived in Baghdad. Andy created the anti-Obama movement in 2004 and is the author of the bestselling book "Obama: The Man Behind The Mask." © Copyright by Andy Martin 2019
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